Study Hall

Event Rental

Rent the space for gatherings, photoshoots, and events of all kinds


Open space


Study Hall has 1400 square feet of loft space on the 3rd floor of a historic 1890's building in downtown Burlington. It has been a venue for musical performances, pop-ups, catered gatherings, photoshoots, and revelry of all kinds.


If you're planning a gathering, we can provide a great list of local caterers, DJs, drink-makers, and others who can help do it up right.

Ver Sacrum opens for the Wren Kitz record release party |  photo – Britt Shorter

Ver Sacrum opens for the Wren Kitz record release party |  photo – Britt Shorter



  • Kitchenette with sink and small fridge
  • Adjacent, multi-purpose room
  • Comes furnished with standing tables, stools, tables, chairs, and couches.
  • Sonos multi-speaker music system—great for background music (small & medium-sized events).
  • Use of HD projector and 120" screen

No elevator access available. Sorry!




Mon–Fri 8a - 6p *
Half-day: $450
Full-day: $750

Sat–Sun 8a - 6p (2hr min.)
$100/hr ($75/hr non-profit), or $500 day rate

* Note: Since Study Hall is a work club first, we don't offer many daytime events Monday-Friday, but be in touch if this is the time you'd like.



Mon–Thurs after 6p (2hr min.)
$100/hr ($75/hr non-profit)

Fri–Sun after 6p (3hr min.)
$125/hr ($100/hr non-profit)


Other Charges and Options

  • Cleaning fee — $75
  • We'll clear out furniture for you — $75

50% down-payment to reserve. Credit card hold for damage deposit.



Interested in renting Study Hall? Let's talk.