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Coffee Guide


The Automatic Brewer
The proportion of dreams = 60g of coffee + 1 Liter of cold water

— Fill the water tank up with 1.0L cold water

— Grab the filter basket for the coffee pot and throw a filter in there (filters are in the 2nd drawer)

— Put filter basket + filter on the scale and tare it

— Grind up some beans and fill the filter to ~60g

— Put the filter basket on top of the open pot, and put the whole stack into coffee brewing position

— Toggle on the Go button on the machine

— When things are done drippin' take the filter basket off the pot, and replace it with the pouring lid

— Tell all the pals


The Chemex
The golden ratio = 1g beans : 16g water
A good recipe for sharing (yields 2 smallish cups) — 25g coffee + 400g water

If you're new to the Chemex, here's a great step by step guide. Otherwise, here's a tip from our friend Magda (Brio Coffeeworks):

"Pour about 30-60 g of water (usually around double the coffee weight) to wet the grounds, letting them "bloom" for ~30 seconds. Then pour another 100g interval or so, in a circular fashion letting the water run down — but not so much that grounds are exposed/dried. Pour the next round, continue until you reach your chosen water amount. Brew time should be around 4 minutes."

Happy caffeinating!