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Akabur patron, I liked search guy that wants akabur patron

But things like this out of my control.

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Name: Karmen
Years old: 27
My sexual identity: Gentleman
Tone of my eyes: Big blue
Favourite drink: I like mulled wine
Other hobbies: Sports

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Thread starter Color Start date Dec 27, 2dcg animated big tits fantasy male protagonist mobile game oral sex parody sci-fi simulator stripping trainer voyeurism. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to .

Go to. First Prev of Go to. Respected User. Jan 27, 5, 17, Reactions: BeardedJack. Johnny Member. Nov 12, Very good, as always.

Looking forward to seeing the new chapter. I have noticed that I am missing an image from the gallery.

Can you tell me what appears and I am already looking for it? Lost image.

Apr 11, 40 Johnny said:. Reactions: ArticckKzenzaxaznez and Johnny You need to run the simulation Blue Boils and Necromancy and get all three endings or use the cheat. Jan 9, 4 1. Nov 14, 17, 6, Get a proper virus scanner Windows Security is good enough for almost everyone. Don't use glorified malware like AVG. Last edited: Nov 4, Reactions: erbk.

Finally found the culprit an anti virus called segurazo was the cause all my problem Jul 28, 41 So I can't go through s to see if someone answered this but what do you do in this game? The only options I have after the intro scene is to talk to the AI and skip days. Dec 22, 39 Nagat0c New Member. Jul 6, 13 5.

In eps 2, there are a point that I can't progress to eps 3, but there are no quests or events to be completed and there are no new items available in the store. So, I kinda stuck in eps 2.

Anyone can help? Nagat0c said:. May 5, 33 I mean, its a good game I think.

The sense of humour is definitely there, Akabur jabbing himself about being blue-balled etc. Downloaded last night and spent most of the day playing it Yep, Im that sad. For a game thats about tits and ass, I think there has only been around 3 CGs where you actually got to see an ass though!

Ive missed out as some characters pop up, and as this is the first game Ive played by him, Im sometimes sat there thinking "Ive definitely missed something here! If Akabur re these, thanks for the fun, and keep up the good work!

Akabur patreon graphs statistics earnings rank

Reactions: ariloxi. Nov 2, 2, Apr 16, 10 6.

Reactions: zenzaxaznezDaveck and katzen. Abooboeba Newbie.

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