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Amnesia visual novel english, Swede girl picking guy amnesia visual novel english for love

Forgot your password? I watched the entire Anime last year; and I gotta say while I loved some of the Male candidate's personalities, I honestly hated the Anime overal. Mainly due to the stupidity of the heroine throught the whole thing.

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Visual novels tags releases producers staff characters traits The action of the game takes place in a fantasy world inspired by japanese culture, especially the ainu. The story of the visual novel is to be based on the angel beats. Memories is a visual novel from idea factory that was originally released on psp in japan.

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The heroine awakens in a space between dimensions, confronted by a young boy calling himself Orion.

He tells her that he is a spirit and was attempting to move between worlds and accidentally collided with her, and has now merged with her mind Orion says that they must work to regain her memories and push him out, or else he will become further ingrained into her mind and she will lose all sense of self. With merely an idea of her name, Orion tells the heroine that they must return to the world that is most familiar to her and try to regain her memories.

Now the player has the option to pick one of the worlds that represent the game's routes. And observe the story of the heroine and her quest to figure out her identity, with Orion by her side. Amnesia was released by Otomate in and quickly became popular because of its innovative story.

Instead of having a heroine attempt to win over the heart of a guy and enter a relationship with him, she is already in a pre-existing relationship. And part of the gameplay involves helping the heroine adjust to this suddenly-unfamiliar world without arousing the suspicion of those close to her. Community Showcase More.

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