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Knights of the Old Republic 2. The Curse of Monkey Island. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is the sixth in the series and once again follows Lara as she is suspected of killing her former mentor, Wernor Von Croy. The game takes place through the city streets of Paris and Prague as Lara evades capture and searches for the true culprits, a black magic cult.

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First you need to climb onto a nearby bin and then jump and Grab the edge of the balcony and climb up. Climb up the ladder and get off onto The ledge and go through an opened window. Go inside and get some goodies there. A cabinet is locked and we need To pry it open.

Tomb raider: angel of darkness walkthrough

Leave the apartment and climb up the ladder to the roof. Once you grabbed the ledge and pull Up go to the left and climb over a small fence and get another bar of chocolate. Hop back over the fence and walk straight to the other side.

Time is of the essence when climbing as Lara loses energy fast so climb up And shimmy to the right as fast as you can till you can let go onto a landing. After that Your energy is restored now you need to shimmy to the right watching your energy. Pull up when you angel of darkness walk through in the clear. Once clear go over the ledge and grab the crowbar. Jump back To the roof again and go to a door you passed earlier on the roof.

Use the crowbar to Pry the lock off the door and press action to open the door. Inside is your first weapon An MV-9 mm semi automatic 12 shot gun. We can go back to the apartment now by So shimmy back the way you came and down the drain pipe,turn left and jump below And back through the window of the apartment. Go to the cabinet and pry it open with The crowbar. Inside is a necklace very valuable.

Go out the window again and make Your way as before back to the roof again repeating the jump,the water pipe and shimmy To the rooftop and head back to the area where we got the crowbar from. We have to shimmy left along the ledge and get to a fire escape before Lara Runs out of energy.

Once there use the stealth button and hug the wall Lara will peer Around the corner. At the end of the walkway on the left near some cans is a key. By all means get it as we will need it soon. Go back the way you came until you see a Gate open, the gate and climb down the ladder to end the training level.

GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions. The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Feel free to use this walkthrough on your website. B Level 2 Relic Apartment Block. Level 2 Relic Apartment Block The level begins with Lara by a door way that is barricaded by a piece of wood and Police are trying to break in to get you.

Pull the cabinet to the right to block the door To hold them off for a little while now head up the stairs.

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The police have broken Through and have thrown tear gas inside. Head to the next landing and ignore the boarded doors. Go around the elevator and Cross the landing around the non functioning elevator.

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There is a locked door Apartment 21 that Lara says needs a key. Run around the corner and jump the gap between the stairs.

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Leap over the gap with a long jump and climb up. Tastes like candy. Move next to the wardrobe blocking the stairs and go to the next landing.

You find your first Health Pack and a door you have to barge with your shoulder To get through. Take a deep breath now because the gas has temporarily stopped And get some goodies in the 2 cabinets in the room. You have also gained An upgrade of upper body, some V-Packer Cartridges and some batteries and those Are not for a walkman they are for a K2 Impactor battery.

Leave the room and Go back to the elevator landing and get another goodie some health bandages. Head for the stairs where there is a crate we need to move.

Jump across the gap to the railings Across the way, Lara will grab them climb up and proceed to a door on the right. You enter a maintenance room and wow the gas has stopped for a moment. Quickly grab 2 items.

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One a lift key and on the wall another set of keys to the Apartment. You need to Get to the door on the floor level with the wide gap we jumped before.

Walkthrough #5

Once Inside get some more goodies in a cabinet and 2 more goodies in the drawers. The goodies we acquire are Vector- R35 another gun and another bar of chocolate Last but not least a large health pack. Leave the room and jump the gap again And head for the elevator to the top floor where we need to go to the room Where we activated the elevator "the maintenance room".

Open the metal door And exit this gassy level and breathe a breath of fresh air Ahhhhh. C Level 3 Industrial Rooftops. Level 3 Industrial Rooftops The level begins back in the rain again but it sure beats the gas in the level. Lara needs to climb the block and go up the ladder to a platform with a wire above. Position yourself and jump to grab the wire. Once past the splice Which is only a split second of moving let go of the duck button and to save time.

A helicopter is now flying over headget off the wire to the side of the rooftop and run to The boxes taking on a few gunshots from the helicopter. To the right is a skylight. We want to walk slowly down the sloped grid left portion all the way Down to the very edge. From here jump across to the other side and grab the ledge and pull up. Use the duck button and crawl inside the crate and grab some more bandages. Note : You have to let go of the duck button and then press action to get the goodie.

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Crawl out and head back to where you climbed up and turn around do a backwards Drop and press action to grab the ledge again. Let go and press action again to grab Another ledge on the way down then let go to do a nice safe drop to the metal walkway.

Tomb raider: the angel of darkness

They forgot about adding WD hehe. Once inside we have more goodies for the taking. Pick up the Doubloons and proceed forward to another door that can be opened easily. On the small table is another bar of chocolate eat it if your hungry.

On the floor is a Large Health Pack too. Next we go through the next door.

Tomb raider: the angel of darkness

This one requires a good kick and le to a walkway leading to yet another door. Duck and crawl to get outside. Look around the area for some more goodies and go back to the barrel with the fire. Once moved in position Climb onto the crate and grab the ladder above and climb until you get to a landing And get off. Walk through the door again and head back to the same area with the garage door.

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After pushing the crate Lara got a boost of abilities and can now make that long jump. Open the door and in the distance is an area we need to jump to. Walk to the edge and hit the forward and jump button you land on the other side. Once on the roof we have a few goodies To get.

D Level 4 Margo Carvier's Apartmernt. You will be required to ask questions and give Answers and depending on those answers will decide your outcome.

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After she has given It to you Margo leaves the apartment and you are in front of a desk. You need to get a few things in the apartment. Do not loiter around The doors are all locked except for the one we need to exit from. We have little time to waste as the police are onto your whereabouts If you do venture about the apartment poking around they will enter The apartment and you will be arrested.

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