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I heard that arousr is a good site but it scares me that you have to give your real phoneis this dangerous in any way? How likely is it to be found out if you use this site? Is it a scam?

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As well as curated coupons daily to your inbox. Forgot password? Enter the address associated with yourand we will you a link to reset your password. Create a free for the full AppGrooves experience.

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Some of our clients are into fetishes such as Findom, Femdom, and domination. If you are already providing those services, why not make more money by adding Arousr to your repertoire. Individuals who are already providing arousr review services can easily integrate or migrate to using Arousr's platform.

If you have no prior experience but have a sexy and playful attitude, then this job is suitable for you. We will provide you with training and support to start making money on your own terms. It does matter if you are a stay at home mom, college student or mature adult, there is always someone looking to chat with you.

As a chat host, you will be expected to provide adult services and engage in sexy adult conversation. Complete the application below. Include as much information as you can to help us learn a little bit about you. After your application is processed and approved, someone from our support team will call to discuss the job details with you. Once you are trained on how to use our system, you will be sent a link where you will find your and profile.

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You will then to a specialyour Photo ID and fill out your banking information and create a profile. Then you're ready to work and make money! Search this site. How do I Get Hired on Arousr?

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Welcome This wiki has been created to answer all of the questions you might have if you are currently or considering working for Arousr. Want to become a Chat Host? Chat Host Services. Application Form. Client Review System. How to Earn More Money. Payment Information. How to Get Help. Legal Information.

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Creating a Killer Profile. How to Deal with Difficult Clients. Recent site activity.

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How Does it Work? Contents 1 How Does it Work? Arousr is a sexting platform dedicated to providing the best mobile adult chat experiences. Our performers are independent business owners who collaborate with Arousr.

Hosts use our member platform to earn money arousr review share a percentage of their sales. Chat hosts provide basic entertainment services such as phone sex, video chat, and sexting. They can also increase their revenue by introducing other income streams such as tipping and selling amateur video clips.

As independent business owners, performers have more flexibility in their job because they can set their own working hours. How much money you can make depends on how much time and effort you put in. Typically, chat hosts who are active and provide additional services such as video calling will make the most money. The customers are provided to you via our exclusive member program.

Our clients pay for every interaction, therefore the potential to earn is greater. Unlike other membership platforms, clients are active once logged in. Money is earned through chatting, video calls, and customer tips.

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We do have a of other incentive programs and all hosts are encouraged to earn more by participating in them. They include - blogging, affiliate programs, selling video clips and sharing images. For more detailed information on those, please visit our how to earn more money. Payments are made weekly. Currently, our payment methods include - Paxum, check mailand wire transfer. A payment processing such as Paxum to get paida computer and a wireless connection.

However, if you have a mobile phone, webcam, and social media savvy you have the potential to earn even more. Documentation: Please note you will need to provide us with documentation verifying your age at the time of the application. This includes a arousr reviewpassport or any valid government identification.

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We have no control over this and is required by law. For detailed information on legal stuff, please read our legal section. There are no schedules, you log in to work when you want.

What do you want to do?

However, chat hosts who log in often and show more effort will be likely be rewarded and become more popular. Part of a performer's job involves building relationships with customers. If you are not available to them, they will be more difficult to establish. Please note that Arousr has a review and ranking system and your overall score as a chat host may be affected if you do not log in, act accordingly or show effort.

To find out more about how the review system works, please click on the link arousr review. Unlike other chat systems, Arousr promotes and pays for advertising as an incentive for its host. How much is allocated for that is based on the review and ranking system.

What happens on Arousr stays on Arousr - we made it that way.

Arousr on our forums:

Protecting our employees and clients personal information is key to our success. We do not encourage any of our chat hosts to use their arousr review information on profiles or provide information to clients. The only thing we ask from you is proof of identity which we keep in a file for our safety and yours. We don't tell anyone what they can say here, nor do we judge, but we do have a list of forbidden topics to protect you from abusive behaviors. Topics that involve minors, animals or anything non-sensual is prohibited. If you experience this kind of behavior you simply inform the client that you are not allowed to discuss these subjects.

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We have a section on how to deal with difficult clients as well as a highly trained support team to deal with these matters. Clients cannot see your phone we provide you with a special one real name, identity or anything that can help them identify you unless you provide the information yourself. Arousr is safe if you adhere to its rules and regulations and never provide your real name or information to customers.

Nudity is required for video chat. Types of services you will be required to provide include the following:. Marketing Arousr invests a great deal of money into marketing its arousr review. We do this by employing a professional staff of writers, developers, marketers and social media ambassadors. These individuals work full time creating promotional materials and building campaigns to direct traffic to the website, the app and to your profiles.

This means our chat hosts are able to focus on chatting rather than having to arousr review about building a client base. However, chat hosts who also promote themselves do make more money. It only makes sense to benefit from two different social networks - ours and yours. Arousr has a unique affiliate program that pays a small percentage to all website owners and individuals who send traffic to the website. This includes chat hosts who send their own traffic to Arousr. For more information about our performer affiliate program please visit our how to make money.

Getting Help. Who Can Apply? Will it cost me Money? No, it will never cost you anything.