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It is a free database bursting its seams with thousands of user-submitted sex stories covering a wide range of topics from BDSM to lesbian sex. Some stories even veer into the supernatural and highly taboo, and users can easily submit their stories. It is a fantastic way to explore any fantasies. The archives go back over 25 years and with so many unique authors lending their voices the result is a ton of unique kristen that has something for every homosexual. Read smut written by over a thousand authors, cutting across a series of captivating niches with the sex stories ranging from vanilla to hardcore.

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The Kristen Archive is a free erotic stories site that features sensual fantasy tales written by Kristen herself and other great writers across the world. Apparently, she intended for all the sex stories featured on the site to be free and exciting to read.

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And while anyone would think that it was such a crazy idea, many amateurs and excellent writers across the world hearkened to her call. It is no wonder the site already stacks over 15, diverse sex stories that can be traced back to when the website began in There are excellent amateur writers in their lots, to be fair, but some still need a little bit of practice. It is also a nice touch for the site to have included tons of to make sure there is literally something for anyone who dares to look.

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Boundless Wild Sensual Fantasies There is no telling how far the writers are willing to take their sexual imagination around this place. Therefore, all you have to do is find a category among the few provided and go on with it. After all, most writers have sexy and creative minds that can literally create sexy non-existent horny creatures out of thin air to prowl over beautiful babes with pure human freshness.

We can also say that they pretty much enjoy toying with Taboo sex action involving family members from their teeny barely legal sisters all the way down to their already worn-out grandparents. You can hardly tell what will happen next in some sexually tensed-up stories from some of the seasoned writers — you might as well allow your mind to wander while taking in all the sensual chills and thrills at the same time.

Who knows, perhaps the story was created to fulfill your own deep sexual fantasies.

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Some of these images feature real-life people acting on their horny impulses. This creates a great aspect of surprise and, in a way, makes sure that the archive is not boring to browse through. The spontaneity is just right, and if your imagination is strong enough, you can easily get off to either of them.

The kristen archives

While anyone can access the forum and its numerous boards, only registered members can actively participate in the discussions. Fortunately, that is an easy fix for anyone above the age of majority because they only need to provide their username, address, and a secure password to register. The Kristen Archives relies on erotic writers across the world for free stories.

However, there are 20 top writers on the site whose stories are placed on individual s can be directly accessed through the main. They have also kristen their addresses in case anyone would like to contact them or visit their websites.

We visited a couple of them sifting through the story prologues and got to read a few of their works; we can tell you for sure that the creativity is over the top. There is no doubt that they are very talented in a way that they can lure you into their fantasy world, lock kristen in, and have you experience all the lust and wild sexual feelings exactly as intended by their erotic stories. Unfortunately, the stories are available in mobile format and are not available on s, so users will have to do endless risky scrolling down while reading. On the brighter side, however, they are totally worth your time and effort.

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The Kristen Archive has a rather unusual site outlook, probably because it was created in the 90s. The home does not have a menu and comprises a detailed description of the ideology over what the site was built from. When you scroll further below the home is a list of 9o directories, each of them features sex stories within a particular niche or time frame.

For instance, the first directory features sex stories gathered between through There are two vital buttons below the list of directories that act as shortcut buttons into the forum and images sections of the site. A simple click on either of the names will expose you to their individual s where all their sex stories have been featured.

Below it is the site features and favorite sex sites buttons. There is also a bookshelf directory below, which features about stories that have not been edited or formatted.

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However, the one section you cannot afford to look past is the section that classifies all the stories on the site into their respective niches, making it easier for readers to stick to their favorite genres. The advanced search engine is pretty much for frequent site users who know what sort of sex stories they want to read.

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It allows you to search for particular stories using their; keyword or story code, authors name, title, summary, chapter, the universe, authorcollectorsize, point of view, and date of addition. Feel free to write to the archivist.

Recent trends

There is a good selection of sex stories niches featured, including fanfiction, and you will be more than pleased to know that the writers do not hold back on sex encounters between all your favorite anime characters. You will also enjoy a clean, unique, and sufficient user experience on the site with quite a of basic features and an advanced search engine meant for picky readers.

More importantly, some writers are over the top nasty and talented; therefore, you should have no issues kristen an intensely sensual lucid dream to trap yourself in whether you are more of a modern or vintage helpless romantic lover fanatic. It is about time that they updated to a more modern site de because the vintage one has some serious issues, especially while browsing since they do not have an auto-scroll for their stories.

God forbid that you lose your bearing when you are s and s deep into a story because you will have to endure lots of torturous scrolling to get back.

The site has dozens of vintage and modern sex stories cutting across a ton of sex story niches. It is possible to basically find and read stories according to your mood or explore new fantasies. More essentially, there are no limitations to how many stories one can read, and there are always readers with new ideologies and confessions to make in the forum section.

The Kristen Archives asstr. Reddit GoneWild Stories.

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