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In light of the recent PostPlus nonsense tumblr is trying to pull, here's a reminder that monetization of fanfiction can lead you to legal trouble. On Ao3 it's against the TOS to even mention any money-sending site at all because of the conditonal protection they offer.

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Name: Vanya
Years old: 34
What is my ethnicity: I'm ecuadorian
My sexual identity: Hetero
What is my gender: Girl
My hobbies: Roller-skating
I like tattoo: None

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Tofu frit au vinaigre balsamique et salade de tomate

Exploding balls of men with shields catapulting from palm trees. A man just sliding around this invasion on his shield, then Captain America-ing like 10 dudes with it. Excuse me, I would like to clarify this is not Bollywood. Bollywood is the film industry specifically based in Mumbai. Baahubali is a production of Tollywood or the Telugu film industry.

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Later, it had a pan India release through dubbings in multiple languages. Also the on screen text disclaimers that no real animals are harmed during the cgi bull fight scene is hilarious.

Tofu frit au vinaigre balsamique et salade de tomate

Sorry, MCU movies. I need this movie in my life now.

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Also I need to rewatch the one about the robot that goes ballistic and has a whole ass battle sequence on a highway that essentially involves cloning himself four bazillion times and forming a giant katamari sphere made of said clones. Imagine not being limited by real world physics like Hollywood is.

No idea about the robots, but Baahubaliboth parts, are still up on Netflix streaming in the US at least. And the above comments are right. I'd like to thank yototothelalafell who was as kind as to beta read my humble prose. I also owe my thanks to Howard Phillips Lovecraft for being an undying inspiration for all things eldritch.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sometimes I get discouraged as a creator. The things I do can still be valuable even if someone else does them better.

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When I think about my favorite works and creators, I realize how different they all are. But I love them all in different ways for different reasons, and they are all wonderful.

Growth is not a linear process, and beauty is possible even in our ugliest periods of struggle. In the end, all that matters is that people enjoy what you created and, most importantly, that you as a creator found fulfillment in creating it.

Even if that meaning is just to unwind after a long day or enjoy some time thinking about your favorite characters or laugh at your own stupid joke. And honestly, as an imperfect creator, I find it strangely encouraging when I spot flaws in something I admire.

And if I can love a flawed piece of work that much, then other people can enjoy my flawed work too. Elrond: Alright, everyone listen up. 1, the Elwing Method or Mom Method.

Casa balsamique

This is to hide the accursed fucking thing away and keep it safe and close. This is highly not reccommended if the object can take over its user like the ring can, and Sauron will be searching for it, so this method is out of the question. 2, the Earendil Method or the Dad 1 Method. This is, send the accursed fucking thing across the sea or to some higher power. According to Mithrandir, the Valar will not take it and Tom Bombadil wants nothing to do with it, so this is also out of the question.

3 is the Maglor Method, or Dad 2 Method. This is to yeet the accursed fucking thing into the ocean. In this case, it is not a good idea as Ulmo will be very upset and balsamique tumblr will still have to contend with Sauron. The last method is the Maedhros Method or the Dad 3 Method. This method is to yeet yourself into a volcano while holding the accursed fucking thing, and also the method we will be using. Point of order: the Ring was disposed of by the person holding it yeeting themselves with the Accursed Fucking Object into the lava.

So it was exactly that. Someone once gave me fan art of a story I finished years ago and I immediately wrote more, almost exclusively for them.

Casa balsamique

Hell yeah bribe us. who's gone through some serious trauma and has almost been killed by other Grishren, processes these events by deciding to make a safe place for his people. And will spend hundreds of years to make it true. A very evil person indeed Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive.

Baahubali 2. GOT who?

LOTR what? Bollywood effects departments are having way too much fun. Also, go watch the two Baahubali movies.

This is not even the best scene. I wanna marry the physics of that reality…. Anyone know where these are available?

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A robot does whatnow? My first Lusander fic. A little warning - it's anything but sweet and fluffy. Super Reader!!!

Yessssss bribe ussssssss. So yes. The optimism, the hope of: There is no haven not for us. There will be, he promised in the darkness, new worlds written upon his heart, I will make one. Recently Liked.

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