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Battle of the bulges patreon, Battle of the bulges patreon dating femme that loves fetisch

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Name: Rose
Years old: 57
Sexual identity: I love male
Tint of my iris: Warm green eyes
What I prefer to drink: Liqueur
Stud: None

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What a wonderfull work, as always! And the patreon seems a good idea too you've give us so much that it's only fair we give some in return I know you don't want to do some netorare stuff, and I perfectly agree with that it would ruin the idea of a stud as a main characterbut why not the young Randy humiliated our really pretentious and antipathetic competitor?

I love your art man, keep a good work, this is probably the most underrated game ever this should be in top 5.

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The repeatability and this unrealistic proportions make this game a hot gem. Can you give us some idea of what's coming up scene-wise? Bigdong falls school trip in the morning and again, free roaming in the afternoon, with stuff happening at the beach, at the clothes boutique downtown, and more Tim, sounds like this is going to be an amazing update!

This will add sooo many more play through opportunities!

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And return of the ginger stud and his girlfriend I see. Really curious about the girl in the convenience store, lace is so enticing. Is there also some possibility of more fun with Nancy too? You've been doing this for free for so long you are entitled to some reward.

gorgeous miss Isabela

Great, sexy work, as always! Loving this game.

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Never thought I'd be into something like this but it's well done on a of levels. First, the artwork is just what I want.

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Hyper-hung studs in search of hyper-busty hotties in a lusciously-rendered tropical paradise. Who wouldn't want to trade places with our MC!? Second the game-play is well deed and lends itself to multiple replays. Because, well, I gotta have 'em all! Only time will tell! I reckon it should be possible but I haven't calculated whether it will be, too complicated with the hours going by, etc Not to cause a stir, but do you have any plans for updating the Jose Pictures, since a lot of them are just the same pose.

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SO no, I don't plan on spending more time on them. Awesome to hear that Day 4 is almost upon us. I'm of mixed moods about Patreon though. Don't get me wrong I'm all for artists getting paid for their work, and I was one of those calling for you to move on up.

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Plus, now that you'll be getting a regular income for it you can afford to delegate duties to others who are better apt at animations and coding. My hesitation is that all too often when artists move onto Patreon, they tend to leave those who can't afford to support out on the cold.

I say it because I lost my access to disposable income a couple months back, before which I'd have jumped on the top tier support without hesitation. I don't plan on delegating duties to anyone, this is still a one-man job And the game will still make its way through here, after patreons have had first shots, that's all, so don't worry if you can't support me on Patreon.

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Will this game have something like "walkthrough" to show how the player can get to all the fuck scenes? Too bad that there is no manual or walkthrough available, because it would interesting, it is possible to unlock all fuck scenes. You always have to choose between several women. Even with a walkthrough, you wouldn't be able to fuck all the women at this stage since, as you mentioned, there are conflicts between some of them.

In that case, I have 3 questions. Text from the translator. I apologize if some sentences are strange. You always expanding the story with Updates, OK. But I'm just asking because you're the Player is in a competition with Jose the son of Anna.

lovely housewives Marina

Can I win? He stole Nancy literally right before I was about to score. I'd be nice to see him have some comeuppance for his meddling. You can talk to Brittany or Kate if he gets too close to the other and get them angry against him Hello you offer the version in English and French. Can you offer the version in German? I wouldn't just need "help" with the translation, I would need someone to translate it entirely, since I don't speak German, lol.

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What is the difference? The language in the game dialogs and menu or does still something have to be translated? The programming language in the background for the game remains English or not?

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Just the dialogues, but they are tons of them also repeated cos I'm a shit coder You say you are a shit coder. Maybe so. But it is a lot to ask, a creative person to think all this up and a brilliant coder.

Battle of the bulges [finished] - version:

I am not even sure that is possible in one person. At least they are exceedingly rare. And apart from the de you have done another brilliant thing: you provided the source. So other people can read along and point out errors to you. Common knowledge in the open source world. One closed source dev, however brilliant, has only one brain and one pair of eyes.

And inevitably looses out to many brains and many eyes.

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Renp'y and the guides actually make coding for games like these a lot easier. So long as you don't try a shoehorn in too many changes in one go or attempt anything overly elaborate, they're pretty straightforward when it comes to figuring out code and alerting errors. Speaking of which, I actually found a couple issues with Day 1 and some spelling, grammar stuff. I didn't go through the code so I can't remember them all, but I remember that on Randy beach Sandy said the 'hi hi' line instead of 'hee hee' that was mentioned before.

I think there was something else that was odd, but I can't remember if it happened on Randy Beach or the main beach. Glad that to see you're more active than ever! I've tried the french version a few months ago, I got a massive hard on while playing it, I really loved it. Unfortunately the game crashed at a certain point. I wondered at that time if it was due to the french version, and wanted to try the englis version but I found to be really bust lately.

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Gotta try it again thought! I must say the french translation was really great. Do you happen to speak french? Hi KameGenius, glad to see you here again!

ebony mom Marisol

Yes, I'm half-French, half-English. France-England for the final!!!! Your game is amazing. I was just wondering if there will be more "humiliation" scenes of the nerd guy as the swim locker room