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Beer strip game, Ukrainian beer strip game seeking male especially for lapdance

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naked asian Freyja

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Catch falling beers and see the girls get naked. The requested game can contain elemets of violence or erotic scenes. To play this game you must be at least 18 years old person. I am over 18 years.

Name: Micaela
What is my age: I'm 24 years old
What is my ethnicity: Colombian
My sexual identity: Male
What is my gender: Fem
What I prefer to listen: Country
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

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This new twist on the immensely popular party favorite has the potential to be the most entertaining drinking game ever invented. A combination of strip poker and beer pong, this new game is guaranteed to get any party started. This kit comes with enough stickers and cups for 2 people to play at one time.

With 10 stickers per player, 3 for the lower body, 3 for the upper body, 2 safe stickers, 1 that penalizes your opponent and 1 put a piece of clothing back on sticker, the potential for this game is unlimited. Simply place your stickers on the bottom of the cups, 1 sticker per cup, rack your cups, and then begin a normal game of beer pong.

When a ball lands in your cup, drink the beer, flip the cup over and learn your fate. The same rules as traditional beer pong apply but in this game, no clothes are safe!

Grab your set of Strip Pong today and watch as your odds for a good night rapidly improve. Click or scroll to zoom.

Tap or pinch to zoom. NOTE: Contains 40 total stickers with a sleeve of 50 cups. Added to your cart:.

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