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You awaken suspended in a vat of fluid in a Science Lab, Escape the vat and the lab and find out who you are and what they have done to you

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Without knowing what year it is, and who she was, Nilin is helped by Edge, another Errorist as he calls himself during the first cutscene ; to escape the lab and the Zorn mech sent to stop her. The second part in our complete text walkthrough for Remember Me, the video game, refers to the second chapter you have to complete in order to beat the videogame published by Capcom. During the first cutscene, you can see Nilin inside a coffin, talking to Edge who explains how Memorize monopolized the memories of all citizens in Neo-Paris, and how the Errorists try to stop them. A Leaper is a former citizen of Neo-Paris who became a mutant after he absorbed too many memories. Now, it is time to defeat the Leapers.

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Your eyes open on a green tinted scene in a nightmare. As bubbles slowly meander upward through your field of vision, the details of a dark laboratory etch themselves into your consciousness from just beyond some sort of glass casing. After desperately flailing about with the unit's internal locks, the viscous green fluid that envelopes you suddenly drains away and your transparent prison no longer holds you captive.

This is the world of Psionic's Being One. In this first episode you find yourself being one episode 1 walkthrough by an unknown benefactor, set loose upon a place where strange experiments have been conducted on humans and some Your goal is to escape the laboratory, possibly discovering details about your confinement, as well as the identity of your unnamed ally in the process. As is this case with most of Psionic's games such as GhostscapeBeing One is one part point-and-click adventure, one part room escape, and one part hidden object game, though it should be pointed out that the hidden object elements may not be as strong here as they were in past offerings.

Use your mouse to find items and solve item-based puzzles. Meanwhile, is as simple as clicking on the yellow arrows that point to various landmarks. With a dark setting and foreboding story, Being One promises to be Psionic's most intriguing and earnest effort yet. There appears to be a more concerted dedication to storytelling here than in Psionic's already engrossing portfolio of work.

But while its plot and production values point to incredible promise, this first episode is quite short, making it feel more like a prologue than anything else. Still, if the rest of the episodes are as well built and executed as this, Being One will definitely be a series for point-and-click fans to keep their eye on.

Play Being One. Click the locks on either side of the screen. Click on the two wires on either side of the emergency release in front of you. Click on the emergency release to let yourself out of the capsule.

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Open the top drawer and look in it. Return to the main view.

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Use the key on the bottom drawer to unlock it. Get the sample tube inside and return to the main view. By the fire extinguisher, there is a dustbin. Click on it and get the sample tube 2 before returning to the main view. A little bit below the arrow to the right, there's another sample tube 3go ahead and pick that up.

Being one - episode 1

Now turn right. To the immediate left of the chamber is a tripswitch. Click on it to get to a close up view. Once there, continuously click on the end of the arrow until it is in the full on position and the lights are glowing green.

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In the cabinets to the left, open the bottom doors. Take the sample tube 5. And return to main view.

Click on keypad 1. It's all the way to the left of the screen. Enter in the code that was written on the wall by the sleep chamber you were being held in Click Okay. Close out of the text message on the cellphone, and then click on the specimen 2 report that is posted on the wall right next to the keypad 2 in the middle of the room.

Take note of the code: Again click on the power cable to the right of the chamber to shut it down and return to the main view. To the left of the doors is another tripswitch. Activate it the same way you activated the last one.

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Turn right again. There is a sample tube on the lower shelf directly below the left most monitor. Pick it up to bring our total up to 7.

Episode 1: low life/low tech/walkthrough

The third and final tripswitch is just to the left of the fire extinguisher there. Throw it like the others and return to the main view. Turn right. Off to the right there is a closed cupboard click on it to get the eighth sample tube.

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Click on the green arrow to send all samples to the computer. Now go all the way back to the computer room. Read all the reports, but pay special attention to the specimen 3 report.

At the bottom of this report, there is a code: Now go back to the red room with the access to the sample chambers. Now go back to the computer.

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the password should automatically be entered alreadyand this time click on the bottom most link "activate door". You will be able to restart should you die, but now is the time to choose whether you want to read ahead in the walkthrough, or try it on your own. To defeat the mech, you must first turn four handwheels. There are two on the left hand side that are lined up almost vertically with each other.

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On the right side, they are horizontally aligned each above the machinery unites. When you have turned all four handwheels, you need to throw the red switch that is marked by a lightning bolt. This switch is on the very left edge of the screen. Posted by: Kyle E. Moore July 6, AM. You wake up in a vat of green goo. In front of you is something that looks like a switch. On either side of the switch are dangling wires. Just to the right of the desk on a table under a monitor is a sample tube.

1. the council walkthrough overview

Take it. In the lower left of the scene, under the words "no escape" written on the wall is a sample tube. Take it sample 4. Click on the handle of the trip switch until it goes all the way over to "on". This will take about 9 clicks. The lights on the switch will turn green.

You are now facing down a long corridor.

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To your left is a cabinet. Hover your mouse over the arrows down the hall. The right arrow goes to science equipment, the middle arrow goes to the exit door, and the left arrow goes to the specimens. On the second shelf down to the left is a sample tube. Take it sample 6.

To the right of the doors you will see three card readers. You need three access cards to escape. On the floor, just to the right of the specimen 2 door is a sample tube. Take it sample 7.

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To the right of each door is a report. Read the reports. The specimen 2 report will give you the code You are now staring down the corridor back towards the computer and the vat. On the upper right of the vat is a power cable. Click on the cable to unplug it.

Being one - episode 1

On the side of the machines is a red switch just above a yellow lightning. Posted by: grinnyp July 6, AM. Pretty easy to be honest. I'll let someone else write a walkthrough, as I am usually the type relying on them! Excellent looking game, although I found the puzzles to be very straightforward. Looking forward to the next ep! Anyone else having the screen just flash green and do nothing after finishing step one of the walkthrough? Finished with a final score of I'll agree it was easy but it was enjoyable and the story is intriguing.

I'm looking forward to Ep.