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FNF Big Brother Mod for Friday Night Funkin' tells the story of the reunion between Boyfriend and his big brother, the one who taught him everything and introduced him to the musical battles from an early age. Today it's time to see how Boyfriend has progressed and if he has become better than his brother in a battle on 4 songs. Big Brother Mod doesn't offer hellish rhythms but rather calm songs that agree with the dialogues and the story that tells the handover between two brothers.

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Friday night funkin’ – vs big brother – big brother mod

We're crowdfunding to make Big Brother 2 a reality. Big Brother v2 has been released! This means all API interactions — from authorization to rendering — need to be rewritten. Legacy code needs replacing to ensure full support with MODX3.

We're simplifying the de to give you a more focused look at your sites' performance. The stretch goals also give new per- insights not seen before. While we love open source and giving back where we can, a project of this size requires more time and attention than we can realistically allow under our "open source allowance". By crowdfunding this project, we can reserve more time from our team to work on a new and improved version of Big Brother. It also means Big Brother will remain as a free extra.

That will cover the full rebuild with support for GA4 and MODX3, and reserves some time for future work and maintenance. As the API for the new Big brother mod Analytics is still in early beta, we expect some work will be needed after release to keep up with breaking changes. We expect to need about 6 weeks to complete the work, so if we hit that goal this week a feature-complete beta version will be available end of June.

We will communicate progress with all backers regularly. We also have stretch goals to add more amazing features like per-resource analytics more on that below. We're planning to release alpha versions roughly every other week, so you'll have to access to those features as soon as they're ready. The base goal covers rebuilding Big Brother from scratch.

Help us build big brother 2

From authentication to retrieving data from Google Analytics, changing the build to support a release from the modmore provider and installation on MODX3. Note that Big Brother v1 has a separate "Full Report" with some more charts and data.

That's not returning in v2, rather we're getting the most relevant information onto the dashboard.

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Stretch goal 1. One of the great things about MODX3 is that the dashboard is much more easily customised and user-specific. Stretch goal 2.

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By default the charts and metrics will cover a day period, and will be compared to the day period before that. The period selector will only be added to the main widget and the individual visits chart widget to keep the interface clean, but when changing the period it will also affect all other individual widgets. Stretch goal 3. This will refresh automatically every minute. Stretch goal 4. If we double the original goal, we'll bring Google Analytics to individual resources. Each published resource will get a compact block of statistics below the content panel, covering:.

Stretch goal 5. On top of what's in the statistics block, the separate tab will cover the following metrics specific to the current published resource:. For example if we only big brother mod half of the funding we're looking for, it might take twice as long to complete. It's easily recognised by the property key, which starts with "UA-".

Big brother v chancer mod download

Google Analytics 4 is the new version, which has been rolling out sincebut has been gaining more steam in which is why we're now looking to release Big Brother v2 sooner rather than later. Its property keys do not have a prefix, but are numeric. A single in Google Analytics can support both types of properties, so the property key is the best way to identify the type of property. It's still possible to create Universal Analytic properties at the time of writing, but that is hidden behind an advanced options toggle, so new properties default to GA4. Big Brother v1 will remain supported and maintained for 2 years after v2 is released.

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It will however not receive support for MODX3. After two years we'll consider it end-of-life and do not expect any new releases to be made. During the development of v2, you'll find regular alpha releases in our own package provider. The first alpha will likely be available around the end of May. We've also already released v1 on our own package provider, which allows you to choose which version to download.

At the moment we've already made plans and confirmed availability to deliver on the promises made in the crowdfunding campaign.

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But if you're a developer with the skills needed to build Big Brother v2, we'd love to hear from you so we can keep you in mind should there be unforeseen circumstances that cause a delay which some extra help may resolve. As we'll do the work in the open source repository 2. We totally get you may want to wait until the project is done to see what it's worth to you.

This mod provides examples of:

However, we also need to pay our team for the work they're going to do and need some assurances to make the feasible. This requires ing a contract committing you to the final payment and is only available if your company has been in good financial standing with modmore in the past year. Please get in touch to discuss this possibility.

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Ahead of launching the crowdfunding campaign, Mark has also been preparing for the project by writing up a spec and verifying what we're trying to accomplish is technically possible in MODX and the Google Analytics 4 API. Work on the authorization is also in progress and expected to complete before the May 10th date, so Murray can hit the ground running building cool widgets as soon as the funding is confirmed.

No worries — get in touch and we'll answer as soon as we can. We'll also generally improve Big Brother by spending more time fine-tuning the de and charts.

Additional ideas are also welcome via [ protected] What more would you like to see on your dashboard that isn't already covered in our current plan? There's very little risk in this campaign. We also have a reputation in the community to uphold and if this model of crowdfunding for bigger projects turns out to be worthwhile, it's something we may want to do again in the future for our own projects or work on MODX itself. So we're definitely going to do everything we can to get Big Brother 2 released on time and according to plan to earn your future trust.

In terms of scope and functionality, we've done all we can ahead of the crowdfunding launch to make big brother mod the features we're promising are technically possible within MODX and the Google Analytics API. The biggest risk in this campaign is that we underestimated the work and it takes longer to complete then planned, or something bad happens to the individual people on our team causing the project to come to an unexpected pause.

Friday night funkin vs big brother

Thanks to your help with funding the project, these risks will be reduced as we can try to find someone else to step in to help. There's also a risk that we don't hit the primary funding goal. In that case we'll have to make a decision on how to move forward, depending on how much funding we did receive.

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That might mean modmore takes a loss on the project, that we trim the scope, or that we drop the timeline we've promised entirely and develop it during our normal open source allowance. This last option would mean it takes much longer to get done, and also comes at the cost of having less time available for MODX and other open source projects we regularly contribute to.

We've closed the crowdfunding with the release of the first development builds. To support our open source efforts, please make a donation here.

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Thank you! You are currently viewing prices in a non-Euro currency.

Big brother mod - [friday night funkin']

Please be advised that these prices are estimatesbased on data by Open Exchange Rates. While we offer this currency converter hoping our users find it convenient, all purchases are made in Euroand the final amount charged can vary depending on payment provider, day, time of day and a of other factors outside of mod more 's control. There are no guarantees on accuracy and mod more nor Open Exchange Rates can not be held liable for errors. Our vision for Big Brother 2. Why we are crowdfunding Big Brother 2. The sketch on the right shows the main widget, which includes: Line chart at the top showing views per day for the last 28 days, big brother mod against the 28 days before that.

If the stretch goal below is met, the top right will hold a period selector to let you change what period it shows data for.

Add google analytics to your modx dashboard

Key metrics, big brother mod to the period with a colored arrow to indicate a positive vs negative change. At least the following metrics will be shown: views, unique views, unique visitors, sessions, the average time on site in minutes, and the avarage engagement rate. Suggestions for additional metrics are welcome. Horizontal bar chart with the acquisition sources, compared to the period.

Top 20 most visited s in a scrollable section, compared to the period. We may add more widgets — suggestions are most welcome. Each published resource will get a compact block of statistics below the content panel, covering: Daily views plotted in a line chart for the past 28 days, compared to the 28 days before that Total views, unique views, unique visitors, average time onand engagement rate metrics Hitting this stretch goal will delay feature-complete release to roughly the end of July.

On top of what's in the statistics block, the separate tab will cover the following metrics specific to the current published resource: Full size daily visits chart with period selector Key metrics specific to the currentincluding total views, unique views, unique visitors, total sessions that included thisthe average time onand the engagement rate.

Session acquisition sources that included the current organic, referral,direct Scrollable list of top 20 domains referring to the current Hitting this stretch goal will delay feature-complete release to roughly mid August. Frequently asked questions. What happens if the primary goal isn't reached?