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Few summer movies have been as eagerly anticipated as Black Widow. The spy thriller, starring Scarlett Johansson her ninth time reprising the role as the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero was scheduled for release in Maybut delayed three times as the COVID pandemic shut down cinemas across the country. Fans will finally get to see the secret agent Avenger in a starring role in her own film. Critics say the movie has been worth the wait. Which superhero is Romanoff sent to recruit in The Avengers? Which of the six infinity stones is Romanoff sent to retrieve in Avengers: Endgame?

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Natasha, as played by Scarlett Johansson, was collateral damage on the more brutal end of the same effort, as Russia tried to keep up in the superhuman arms race. A Secret KGB program, deed with a hefty dose of eugenics, found her as and trained her to become one of the coveted Black Widows — a highly trained assassin and spy.

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To ensure loyalty, the program le experimented on and sterilized her against her will. Against all odds, Nat managed to break free from the program and link up with Nick Fury and S. Steve Rogers is talking about seeing whales in the Hudson and attending survivor support groups.

Black widow's smurfette problem

Tony Stark has moved to the mountains and had a. Having a shot at restoring their lives is what ultimately compels her to sacrifice her own. Black Widow is a prequel of sorts, set in the pocket of time between Civil Warwhen the Avengers temporarily dissolved and many of them landed in jail, and Infinity Warwhen the team met Thanos for the first time. Nat is on the run from the government, trying to live on her own. If Nat decided to ignore the threat that confronts her in Black Widow and keep to herself, the world would keep spinning along — just slightly more nefariously.

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It turns out one of her pre-Avengers associates has discovered that the program that turned Nat into a super-assassin has also sharpened millions of other girls into Widows like her. But it does make Nat a pretty good Avenger. Black Widow is no exception. But even in Civil WarNat exists largely as a supporting character. The root cause was an esoteric set of documents called the Sokovia Accords, which basically said the Avengers should be government-restricted.

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Black Widow steps in to show us how, unlike her fellow Avengers, Nat has no life outside of the team. Wanda has Vision.

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Ant-Man and Hawkeye have their respective families. Hence, her urging Steve to keep the team together in Civil War. Nat begs him to keep her family together. She has no compelling argument or overarching strategy for reuniting the Avengers, she just needs the team to keep existing.

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At the end of Civil WarNat is the only thing that stands between Steve and Bucky getting away from government capture. She breaks the accords and allows Steve and Bucky to escape. Because Nat is often underused and underwritten, viewers have to connect the dots to see that the trust she has in her fellow Avengers is more important than whatever legislation she wants Steve to.

She is willing to act in their best interest even if it puts her at risk.

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On the run and off the grid, she comes into possession of a package sent by one of her former colleagues, Yelena, played by Florence Pugh. Having undergone some preliminary Widow training, Nat was seemingly old enough to understand the circumstances, but to the younger Yelena, that fake life was her real one, and all she ever knew.

Nat barely hesitates in jumping in head-first and risking her life to find and help Yelena, who herself was indoctrinated into the Widow training program. It just so happens Yelena has found something that could possibly dissolve the program. The pair are pursued by a masked, probably Russian, humanoid, a bionic killing machine that can flip cars and has flawless aim.

Black widow gives the character a soul — several years too late

A batch of Widows, trained just like Yelena and Nat, are also on their tail. That maybe explains Nat and her devotion to the Avengers. The family she found in the Avengers made it a no-brainer, as we saw in Endgame, for her to give up her life for all of theirs. The hilariously frustrating thing about Black Widow is how much it undoes the short-changing of its title character not only in Endgamebut throughout her entire existence in the MCU.

Until now, Nat has largely been a wingwoman who, in small moments, shares a few tidbits about her past. In the grand, expansive, decade-long history of the MCU, Natasha Romanoff has existed in the footnotes.

There are myriad reasons why — including the sexist way studio executives used to think about superhero movies, which led to the first female Avenger being used as much for sex appeal as anything else.

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The unfortunate result is that Nat sacrificing her life in Endgame felt a bit unearned or cheapened. Every line, every plot twist, every scene, and every shot in Black Widow attempts to show the humanity of this character and her willingness to put her own life on the line for the people she cares about. Yelena informs Nat that the man who turned her into a Widow, a shadowy figure named Dreykov, has actually created a worldwide army of brainwashed Widows who are totally under his control.

If he tells them to shoot themselves, they do. Someone else could easily take his place.

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Rather, Nat wants to free the Widows of their mind control and give them lives they never had. Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson are both acutely talented at infusing their characters with unspoken depth. At one point, she ribs Nat for being the least powerful Avenger. The joke is so effective it made me wish Shortland had done even more to make Marvel squirm.

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The lengths that Nat is willing to go to for Yelena hammer home how much Nat desperately needs her found family — and will do anything to protect them. The other Avengers would do the same for their respective loved ones, no doubt. Would Ant-Man give his life for Pepper Potts? What a thrill to finally be able to understand it. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower through understanding. Financial contributions from our readers are a critical part of supporting our resource-intensive work and help us keep our journalism free for all.

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By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Black Widow gives the character a soul — several years too late. Reddit Pocket Flipboard. Scarlet Johansson in Black Widow. All this backstory happened without Nat getting a movie of her own. The film does an admirable job of humanizing Natasha, even if its efforts come too little, too late The hilariously frustrating thing about Black Widow is how much it undoes the short-changing of its title character not only in Endgamebut throughout her entire existence in the MCU.

Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow landing in her famous pose. Next Up In Culture. Delivered Fridays. Thanks for ing up! Check your inbox for a welcome. required.

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Black widow (natasha romanova)

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