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Party your way through bars, house parties, trailer parks, and drug forests to unlock outrageous physical and sexual powers never before allowed in a video game.

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What is BoneTown? What is BoneTown rated? Can I play BoneTown on a Macintosh?

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Video game developer Andrew Hall makes no bones about his lifestyle or the game he helped make that revels in it. But in video games you just go kill people all day, it's like nothing. Bam, that person's dead.

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That really desensitizes you. Murder is a big fucking deal.

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That's why third-person action, triple-X sex game Bonetown doesn't include any blood or even the ability to kill people, instead you knock people unconscious during combat. Hall, CEO of game developer D-Dub Software, sees the video game industry's willingness to allow graphic violence controlled by bonetown sex, but its refusal to include sex or overt drug references as hypocrisy. He knows that Bonetown, a cartoonish Grand Theft Auto-esque game that contains graphic sex acts NSFW link and almost non-stop drug use, won't change that, but he hopes it will help create a business model for other sex games that won't include having to go through the game industry to market and sell the title.

In the game, the player arrives in the fictitious Bonetown as man with no friends.

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The first woman that befriends him has sex with the player on the beach and "shows you the way of Bonetown," Hall says. But then she gets arrested by "The Man" because they just passed the decency act in the town. There's very little about the game that can be safely described in the context of an article that can be read at work or in the view of children. The PC game can be controlled with an Xbox controller and feels a bit like an open-world action game.

While there are chapters that need to eventually be completed to finish the narrative of the story, players are able to freely roam around the game's many different settings. Players can approach any woman on the street and ask to have one of three types of sex with her. Her willingness to have sex will depend on the size of the character's testicles, which are graphically represented by a cartoon in the top left corner of the game's screen. A character can grow his testicles by having more and more sex bonetown sex using some of the game's many drugs.

Sex, drugs, but no violence: a porn game with a message?

The drugs in the game, which include marijuana, peyote, crack and others, both give the player a temporary boost and provide them with a special attack that can be used against The Man's agents that roam the city streets. Hall said that the developers decided to give the game a cartoon look, because trying to make it photo-realistic would have lead to failure. So what we did, we tried to merge anime and Disney together. And we had to go cartoon because we wanted our girls to be sexy.

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We wanted the Jessica Rabbit appeal of 'this is obviously a cartoon, but it's still arousing to me'. Currently the game, which is packed with sexual positions and tons of graphic cartoon sex, only supports straight sex, Hall said, but that will change.

Gay men play video games, but we needed to hit the core market first, the 18 to 35 heterosexual males.

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We would love to expand to gay, we could add more sex positions too. While sex and drugs play a big role in the game, comedy is also a chief element.

Bonetown videos

The humor of the game is built into the combat, the character de and the levels, and is certainly helped along by the main character's ability to assume the identity of anyone he defeats in combat. To prove it Hall ran his character, currently dressed as "The Man", to "Firmwood Forest" where he found a laid back, meditative, pot-smoking Jesus hanging out at a campsite.

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Once Hall's character lays into Jesus with a mannequin arm, the Jesus character starts to fight back with a cross yelling at the Hall's character in a tirade that always ends in the word "man. After dancing around kegs of water and wine, and swatting at Jesus with the prosthetic, Hall finally knocks Jesus to the ground.

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Standing over him he presses a button and transforms. Despite how adeptly Hall beat Jesus in combat, he says he doesn't really play violent games. Well, maybe a few.

Bonetown videos

Bonetown has plenty of weapons, Hall concedes, but none of them cause a character to bleed. Am I the only one that realized that drugs lead to a whole lot of violence and murders? I mean, sure, smoking a t isn't harmful in itself, but that weed came from a guy, who came from a guy, who ce from someone else that would just as soon decapitate you as look at you.

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There are tons of drug related killings every day. Then you move on to sex. When done wisely is great, but when you go shoving it in everyone that comes along it can lead to diseases and tons of domestic violence situations caused by sex.

About bonetown

Beatings, murders, and all sorts of violence are linked to these things. It sucks, but that's the society we live in. The A. By Brian Crecente.

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