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In this adult game, play as the titular Claire, a refugee fleeing a great invasion that has claimed the lives of both her parents. Helpless, alone, and ignorant of the evils of the world, Claire seems set to meet a grim fate… or will she prove otherwise? Will you help to prove otherwise? The gameplay is slightly puzzle-like, revolving around talking to people, gathering clues and tools, as well as making dialogue-based choices. As such, the game is extremely non-linear, and has a multitude of VN-like different story branches available to the player depending on what choices they make….

Comes with a huge multi-variant scene! The Urchins will have their way with Claire unless she has over 6 Defiance and Intrigue.

[the dystopian project] claire's quest

Kennels transfer point bug has been fixed. Fixed Dreadly Alchemy Jar randomly moving around. Several minor typos across new scenes found and fixed. Fixed the missing ME folder export. Claire must seek the help of an ancient lizard called La Guivre, and in exchange for his help she can get a CG set where she dons a Lizard-Girl Outfit for a taste of some dino-dicking! Comes with a new lesbian scene. Requires 6 Defiance to avoid. Can be viewed in the Gallery if you already fully trained Isobelle and went past that part.

This requirement has been removed. You need at least 14 Defiance or Intrigue and a shovel, which can be found in the Forsaken Mines exterior to perform sabotage to survive the Omega encounter. The Omega can be chased away or allowed to stay, with a of different outcomes; conversing with the Omega gives one-time boosts and decreases. You can also willingly breed with the Omega if Depravity is over 14; but breeding with Omega with Defiance less than 14 will lead to a gameover. If she was rescued in the Prologue, she will for free.

If not, she will cost 1, silvers; she has no Ranch scenes yet, so no need to rush to recruit her. Charlotte will be found working at the Cup and Trotter.

Related to this, there is a new molesting scene involving Charlotte. Claire needs at least 6 Defiance or 6 Intrigue to save Charlotte. Fast travel also includes tolls. Open Doors from Seduction skilltree will waive this permanently.

You will be able to get blessings from shrines scattered throughout the game. These provide temporary boosts to your attributes for a limited of steps before wearing off. There are two kinds of shrines at the moment: those devoted to the Temple of Fertility, and those devoted to the Triune, the dominant faith of the Continent.

Related to this, new buildings, Abbeys of the Triune, are now available in Valos and Rathpike, though empty save for their shrines at the moment. Completing the Curse of Chemont, regardless of what way you do it, will unlock this scene in the Gallery. Encountering them in any way will add them to the Gallery. This City Slums area is accessible from Outer Valos, by going straight north.

Currently only limited to the Badlands and White Hart Grove werewolf area. Being in stealth areas like tall grass will stop monsters detecting you, allowing you to sneak by. You can take them off at any time if you so please. A new game may be necessary to make it all register properly in the Quest Journal. This is actually a little cameo by another adult game of the same name.

Stay tuned for future very raunchy content! Purchase cost also removed. The parts available depends on which recipes are unlocked. Need to claires quest gallery about how to fix this.

Some added features to Ranch postponed while I puzzle it out. This quest is initiated by talking to Belisaros after resolving the kraken and getting the mercenary armour. If over 10, it goes into a miniquest with a repeat scene where Claire can escape, prison break style. Their scenes are pretty interesting, as they come in two different outfits and backgrounds. The repeat scene is available in the Menagerie.

These specialist NPCs basically raise your stats for money. The higher your existing stat, the more their services cost. They come in several variations too, from pirate vessels to viking longships! Also addressed Fatigue status not stopping you from sending the breeder to work. You need to consume the Black-Blood potion then face Nachali. You cannot consume Bezoar without facing Nachali.

Gale shows up in the Valosian Refugee Camp. Lesbian sex can be treacherous.

Not in Gallery. Added in a hotfix which should resolve the problem temporarily while I figure out what caused the issue. The ranch can be purchased after completing all breeder-related jobs in Chemont, and you can hire girls to work there as your breeders. Once hired, they will move into the ranch permanently.

New gameplay mechanics revolving around Libido and Fatigue, which are explained further in-game.

Please note, beastslut outfit is not available yet, and the ranch scenes are not in the Gallery yet. Comes into effect in Meat Pit and Fairfelt Manor as prisoner at the moment. ly there was only a Defiance route and tonnes of people got stuck there. Hopefully this makes it more open-ended. Will be fleshed out more in the future.

New Kraken scene also available. This is a massive quest, and probably one of the hardest in-game.

This quest introduces Aiyana, the Alchemist, and also adds in a new scene with the Spider Goddess hint: the gameover scene changes based off Depravity. This tsundere gypsy girl is your gateway into the world of alchemy. You can visit her in her lab after you finish the 3rd Karland quest and start the Alchemy questline.

You can explore if you want. The next couple of patches will fill this in. It makes it impossible to eavesdrop on them. There is no way to listen to them behind the manor or to access the house.

It is funny but it is very different from the video walkthrough, and the walkthrough that has been ed shows how to solve the quests up to version I recommend recording quests as being completed and adding the continuation for the new version but never leave a quest uncompleted. It sounds bizzare. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by .

Dystopian project - claire's quest version b +save unlocked gallery win/android

Alternatively, she can sneak past enemies, or use an Intrigue over 9 check to listen through the walls. New title with stylized title! An experimental weight system has been attached to the player inventory. Fixed the gamebreaking lock in Valos Slums when approaching the Urchin base due to missing event graphics.

Duplicate highlighted as deleted item. Fixed the Meat Pit unable to progress properly due to flawed Energy restoration at the beginning.

Ecchi and SFW. Lubricant conditions not added yet. Related Games:.

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