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Walkthroughs for Coming Out On Top. Ian is unique in that he has a friendship ending, corresponding on the gallery to CG To unlock it you need to have dollars by the end of the game, not be dating Ian, and you need to have a good friendship with Ian.

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Brad is the quarterback for the Orlin Otters, the Orlin University football team. He has excellent athletic prowess, and he wants to go pro in the NFL once he graduates. However, his grades outside of sports are suffering and he risks losing his athletic scholarship. Brad lives in a frat house with his football teammates, including Roman and Brad's overprotective brother Beau. Brad is very insecure about his academic abilities and rather than attempt to study harder, Brad prefers to bribe tutors and other students to complete the asments for him. Brad does have an ability to work under pressure, especially when given proper incentive and rewards such as sex.

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I love this game but I feel bad when I don't go for Ian. He's just so lovably adorable.


I choose to believe every other ending takes place in an alternate universe and that Ian's ending is canon. Haha, I feel bad too, especially when he gets jealous everytime you chase after another guy. My headcanon since Ian is the only one with a husband ending is that Mark's romance with the other guys doesn't last and that in the end, he still gets together with Ian.

I feel the same way too. It seems like it's the most genuine of the storylines :. I had my own Ian in university.

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My "canon" is that Ian never got over the must-be-drunk-to-love-you and after 3 years of drunken shags Mark started to feel worthless and pulls away. Ian then moves home. Mark invites him around for the summer but Ian has an excuse. Mark tries to keep in contact with Christmas and birthdays, but eventually communication dies out.

Mark is conflicted by the memories and can't help but feel like Ian was the one who got away, but I like it so far. I've never played a game like this but its pretty fun to try to get the different endings and stuff. I kickstarted the game, 'cause I wanted to see it get made, but It's super short, the writing is mostly good and so is the art, but I dunno, I just wish there was more content. I guess I could play it over and over a bajillion times to see all the different branching story options? It's short and sweet. Maybe wait until it's on sale though.

I finally got Brad after an embarrassingly long time. I feel a pathetically large self of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction. SighI need a real life Splashy. It took me a stupidly long amount of time to figure out where I was screwing up with Brad.

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But he was worth it. This game looks interesting. It looks like it's either going to be sexy or it's going to destroy my personal and emotional well being.

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Can't decide which xD. Like, i would never, ever get any of those guys except in my wildest dreams.

I gotta admit, that sex scene with Phil and Mark when Ian interrupted them was pretty hot and cheesy. It re like an illustrated nifty. The key is to save often and be prepared to go back quite far when you notice all options end a relationship. For everyone having trouble getting endings in Coming Out on Top, here's a walkthrough!

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This visual novel features examples of:

Sort by: best. Woo hoo! Time to collect all of mah boyfriends!

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Continue this thread. I guess this is why I avoided Ian's storyline.


Would you guys say this game is worth buying? I thought it was worth it. Spent a few hours entertained. Thanks man I sucked at this game. More posts from the gaymers community.

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