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Corruption of champions dragon egg quest, I'd like picking corruption of champions dragon egg quest who like chatlines

Ember's egg is found in the Swamp after exploring for a certain amount of time. The Champion is guaranteed to find it at every 40th exploration, though certain Helia and Kiha encounters may override it. The Hero may:.

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Ember is a Follower found in egg form in the Swamp.

Depending on you actions before hatching the egg, Ember can be born as a dragon or a dragon-morph and as a male, female or hermaphrodite. A note found by Ember's egg asserts that the egg is all that remains of an ancient and extinct race of dragons, who were otherwise entirely wiped out by corruption causing new children to be born as Kobolds. The note begs the player to take the egg and hatch Ember to restore the dragon race.

In future updates, Ember will be available with several levels of Corruption. Ember may be male, female, or a hermaphrodite, depending on the player's actions before hatching.

This article will henceforth assume for a female identity utilizing "she" etc. Ember's appearance height, bust size, etc. Ember's egg is found in the Swamp after exploring for a certain amount of time.

The player is guaranteed to find it at every 40th exploration of the swamp, though certain Hel and Kiha encounters may override it. The player may:.

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If the player fails to remove the egg, they will carefully place it back where it was, leaving it available for a later encounter. If successfully taken, the egg is immediately found at camp under the Inventory option, but does not consume an inventory slot.

When interacting with the egg, the player must fulfill some conditions before hatching Ember, but may delay the hatching indefinitely to add more modifications.

The player's interaction with the egg before hatching Ember will modify her accordingly. Masturbating onto the egg, giving blood to it, or using any of the following items on it will move Ember one step closer to hatching. After five actions, the "Hatch" option becomes available, but the player may delay this for further changes if desired.

Her gender will be the opposite of the player's, or a hermaphrodite if the player is a herm.

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Ember is planned to have a Corruption score affected by these actions as well, but this isn't yet implemented; only a moderately tainted, middle-ground Ember is currently available. Ember's corruption alerts the looks of the egg: if corruption is at or below 25, it will glow with "soft, metered pulses" and give the player "a sense of calm and peace".

Corruption between 26 and 75 will make the egg glow with "bright, gaudy pulses" and make the player feel "as if you could do anything, as if you were superior to everything".

Corrupt egg will glow with the dark light. Checking corrupt egg will raise player's corruption.

When hatched, Ember will immediately become a Follower and may be spoken to like any other Follower. The color of dragon scales are determined by the player's skin color, for example, if the player has Ebony colored skin then the scales will be Ebony colored.

These are not limited to the colors that the player can select from during character creation, for example, if the player has gained orange and black striped skin from a tiger shark tooth, then the scales will be orange and black striped. Scale color is not affected by fur if the player has any.

At any time the player may offer to spar with Ember. Winning will give a substantial affection boost. Ember starts at level 15 and is very powerful, but poorly trained. Her attacks are mostly inaccurate, but deal high damage on a successful hit. Her most dangerous attack is her breath attack. Each time you defeat Ember her level and stats go up.

This is represented by the Ember Spar Intensity value in the stats menu. As her level increases she gains access to special attacks and her breath attack. Some of these can become very dangerous and troublesome.

Mysterious egg quest

She can stun players, even players who have the Resolute perk. At very high spar intensity she can be a challenge for even the toughest players. Though somewhat difficult to do, Ember can technically lose by lust although defeating her this way will yield the same text as beating her normally. Beating Ember by lust though normal means is rather difficult due to two things:. Ember has an Affection value along with most of the other romance-able characters.

This meter influences her behavior when the player visits her, as well as her willingness to follow requests and commands; at higher values she will give her blood and will participate in sexual activities more beneficial for the player.

Affection rises over time simply by interacting with Ember, and especially quickly by sexually servicing her or sparring with her. Ember has a Corruption meter which is affected by the player's interactions with her egg not implemented yet; only "Tainted" Ember is available as a middle ground. Using purified Incubi Draft or Succubi Milk will lower her Corruption, while using these items in their normal or enhanced forms will increase it.

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Masturbating with the egg will lower its Corruption if the player's Corruption is under 50, or increase it if their Corruption is 50 or higher. Currently, only "Tainted" Ember, who represents Ember with moderate corruption scores, has been written. Thusly, this is the only version that will be in the game by default, and it is considered her "default" state.

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Mysterious egg quest

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