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Name: Madge
My age: I'm just over fifty
What is my ethnicity: I'm indonesian
My sexual preference: Guy
Sex: Woman
My figure type: My figure type is quite plump
What I like to drink: Mulled wine

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Beyond that, a good forum like this one has even more to offer than the usual. Want to know what that is? Dick Flash!

The world of naughty people showing off their privates to strangers for whatever reasons! Well, showing off my dick to a stranger has never been on my to-do list for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, not many girls worth their salt are interested in seeing my minute prick. When I was around 9, I stayed over to one of my then buddies and were being loud in his room when his mom who must have been in her late 30s came down, upset, telling us to take it down a notch.

She was donning a thin nightdress that showed off her nipples and tiny panties. I could even see the outline of her thick bush!

The flashing topics

I woke up early and had to walk downstairs as I waited for him to wake up. In the kitchen was his mom, facing away, and holding a towel in front of herself, fully exposing her round ass.

She turned and saw me and acted surprised, claiming she had just gotten out of the shower and thought everyone was asleep. Her massive cleavage was also showing but without a care in the world, she walked away to her bedroom, giving me a front-row seat of her sumptuous behind again!

Looking back, those were probably the most exciting parts of my childhood. Anyway, if you are looking for a website solely dedicated to people showing off their private parts to unsuspecting strangers, Dick Flash seems like the perfect place to take your perversion to the next level. However, I was happy to find out that the site is much more than that. Far from your ordinary forum On the face of it, Dick Flash looks like an ordinary forum, which is certainly true if you are talking about the structure and layout. However, in terms of content, it is a whole different animal.

A forum that focuses on male and dick flash forums flashing is anything but ordinary. A quick look around showed there are 43k thre,messages, and over 20k registered users whose flashing content keeps this place buzzing with activity. Over 1, users were online at the time of writing this all talking about; you guessed it, flashing. Find out who has done it, how they did it, see the photos, take part in the naughty discussions, and so on.

Where flashing is an art Good news people looking to enjoy watching strangers show off their privates to other strangers in public. Dick Flash takes this perversion to another level, neatly categorizing it into sections for easier consumption. Oh, Dick Flash also has a section for Webcam Flashing with hundreds of naughty girls and horny dudes showing off their genitals to anyone watching on the other side. This will be you in a short time.

Get to read stories posted by other members, most of which sound like authentic experiences, some of which make my life seem duller than it already is. Not looking forward to seeing cocks? This is the section for you.

If like me you get aroused by reading erotic stories, the Experiences section is where you need to be for true stories of personal exhibitionism adventures. There is enough supply of stories with new ones being added by the minute talking about all kinds of exposures, private or public, intentional or unintentional, male or female. There is also a section called Tips, Tricks and Techniques where you should learn a pointer or two if you are a flashing enthusiast.

Anyone in the mood for non-flashing content?

In an attempt to diversify the user experience, Dick Flash is not exclusively about flashing porn. There are two sections featuring non-flashing content. Majority of the content links to other porn destinations.

That said, members can post non-flashing porn in whichever format as there are no rules on the same. Interesting stories; users can look forward to thousands of exciting and highly erotic user reflections revolving around flashing. Active member community; the site is home to over 20k members which explains why it is teeming with activity in all sections as users engage each other on their ideas, preferences, and opinions regarding flashing and other naughty topics.

They could at least try.

How the site can improve If you are a lover of flashing porn, you will absolutely love what the site is offering. However, I only wish they had less of dick flashing and made the site an exclusively pussy flashing affair. The bottom line on Dick Flash Ultimately, anyone with a voyeur or flashing fetish will be pleased by the arrangement at Dick Flash.

Enjoy the insane collection of flashing videos and photos and make your contributions on the sections of your choice in this hidden gem of the flashing world.