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The local library struggled with online competition, e. Declining overall s, regulars dying out, under-funding.

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‘library sex’ stories

One day, however, when the librarian comes across a fornicating couple in a dark corner, she chooses to secretly watch them instead, and completely aroused by the experience, she sets about finding a man to make her own erotic fantasies come true in the classic literature section. One would have thought that getting a degree at Oxford was difficult enough, without the additional challenges posed by a pastime of shagging in public places.

As I descended the last block of stairs and entered the vast low ceilinged room, I lamented the criminal waste of talent that was my six-year employment at this library. I could have been put to much better use — giving talks to students or at least something more cerebral than playing chaperone to a bunch of horny college. I quickly quelled the voice that piped up in my head, which suggested that perhaps the fault was mine, and I should have broken free from the dark musty confines of the library years earlier and carved apposition out for myself erotic stories library the academic world.

The voice sounded suspiciously like my father.

Wattpad on cosmo: my hot hookup in the library

I passed rows and rows of books stacked neatly on floor to ceiling shelving as I strode purposefully down the center aisle of this floor, which hardly anyone ever visited, except myself and the occasional randy young couple looking for a quiet erotic stories library undisturbed corner to get their rocks off. I used to love these rooms, I used to think them magical, so possessed they were of the millions of beautifully crafted words that lay within each tome. The buzz that I used to feel at having free access to these chambers had long since faded as my resentment and boredom grew.

He was only nineteen, but he was simply too broad shouldered and stocky looking to be a librarian. He was an intern here supposedly to learn about books and the importance of the information held therein, but I wondered if he actually had any real interest in the books or if he just wanted to watch out for frisky couples. The muffled grunts and moans were audible as I approached the furthest corner of the room, a spot particularly favoured by these lustful couples.

As I reached the end of the aisle, I slowed. Usually I would deliberately make noise, stomping loudly and clearing my throat and then announce my presence before I caught sight of anything too disturbing. I wondered if maybe it was one of our repeat offenders, returned to their mating ground despite a ban.

The library – an erotic story of late night studies

I tried not to let out a gasp at the sight of them, my hand flew to my mouth as if to stop me from making a sound. Oh my, how on Earth did she hold herself in that position? I felt my face flush at the same time I felt my nipples tingle. I felt a sudden rush of heat between my legs, a melting sensation. Oh goodness, I was getting really wet down below thinking about it. I watched the couple intently, all rational thought leaving my brain as my breath quickened and I melted into a haze of white lust.

I caught a flash of one of her bare breasts as his arm caused the material to shift.

‘library sex’ stories

Coffee coloured skin, a dark nipple. I bit my lip to stop myself moaning as my clitoris started to throb a little. Suddenly they were stopping, moving, and I found myself almost wanting to cry out for them not to go. Still rubbing myself, more fervently now, I could feel all my cells coming to life, every one in my entire body. The woman knelt down on all fours right there on the brown carpet of the library floor and stuck her butt up in the air, arching her back and looking behind her, smiling up at the man.

He knelt down too, gripping her bottom and looking at it with such desire I was in awe — oh to evoke such want in a man. Erotic stories library have to admit that my rather barren sex life had never extended much beyond the missionary position with the lights off.

And that had only been with one man — four years ago. The man positioned himself closer behind the woman and for the first time I saw his enormous erect penis.

‘library’ stories

The couple were at right angles to where I stood, so I could see his penis clearly, sticking out from his unzipped chinos, standing to attention like a soldier reporting for duty and ready for action. Suddenly he thrust it into the woman, pulling her towards him by her hips, and they both moaned with pleasure.

A new pang of desire bolted through my insides like an electric bolt. Oh how I ached to in — to kneel before him and feel him thrust that thing inside of me. My body was hungry, pulsing with the need to be filled. I rubbed myself harder still, gyrating against my own hand.

I watched him pumping into her, thrusting harder and faster with every second. The sound of skin slapping against skin was strangely erotic, and their groans and moans got louder and louder, a cacophony of lust. I slipped my hand down my skirt and inside my knickers, feeling the wetness down there, rubbing my clitoris in little circles with my fingers, a sensation building and growing more intense with every movement.

I never took my eyes from the couple. The woman was bucking back against the man as he pumped into her, and then suddenly he thrust forwards hard and cried out, and I could tell they were both climaxing. At that very moment I felt myself beginning to climax too, every muscle down below started to pulsate and a powerful buzzing sensation radiated from between my legs as the orgasm rippled through me, my breath coming short and fast as I gripped the shelf with my spare hand erotic stories library watched the man pulling out of the woman and sitting back on his heels, his penis still semi erect.

My body trembled, and it took a while for me to regain my composure, to become completely present in the room again. Never before had I experienced anything so intense, not even in the privacy of my bathtub where I usually had my alone time. Afterwards, I rearranged my clothes and wiped my fingers on my skirt, putting on my most stern librarian face. I marched round the corner to where the couple was still canoodling on the floor semi naked.

They jumped up, quickly pulling their clothes back into place, and then scurried off sheepishly. At nearly seventy five years old, Marjory could well have been retired and enjoying her garden or a caravan trip around the world with her husband, but instead she chose to be here discussing the copulation issue and other general day to day library duties.

Erotic short story: the library

My phone buzzed in my pocket, indicating a text message. Oh I could tell you some stories. Dinner tonight, your place? The text message questioned. It was from Norman, my sort-of boyfriend. Norman used to come in and ask me about all the classics. He made erotic stories library feel valued; coming back each week with new questions that only I could possibly answer.

When he was still here at closing time one day it had only been natural to continue the conversation over dinner in the pub down the road. That erotic stories library two months ago. I sighed. Maybe tonight would be different.

He was meant to arrive at but neglected to tell me until 9pm that I had been ditched in favour of a stamp. Apparently his mother was driving him to Manchester to collect a rare stamp that had just become available. That was a rather clear indication of where I came on his list of priorities, if I needed one. Why did I even bother? I wondered. He was a complete waste of my time anyway. I scraped both plates of lasagna into the bin with a sigh, my appetite lost. I could do better. There must be a man out there for me — a man who would appreciate my intellect and my physically attributes.

I would find myself a new boyfriend, I decided, as I brushed and flossed my teeth, though I had no idea where I would start. It wass at times like these I felt it would have been nice to have a close female friend — or even a group of friends maybe, like those in the rom-com movie last week. Climbing in to bed a whole hour earlier than usual — well, it felt like a day for breaking routines — I wondered about perhaps going to a social event with my sister, who was a rather lively party animal.

I quickly dismissed the idea — I wanted a boyfriend, not alcohol poisoning.

There must be a good way to meet intelligent but adventurous men, perhaps someone like the student in the library with the big dick. I slipped further down between my clean white sheets and inhaled deeply — it was laundry day and I love the scent of freshly laundered linen; I found it quite erotic actually.

My mind wandered to the episode earlier in the day — the situation with the couple in the classical reference section. How would it feel if he was licking and sucking my intimate parts as he had been doing to her? I imagined him running his hands over my breasts, then turning me around so I was looking at the books as he caressed by buttocks, gazing upon me with desire unleashed as I gazed upon the books.

Erotic short story: the library

I loved those books and knew each one. That couple had been in a Charles Dickens section and in my fantasy I was too. I loved Dickens. Groaning slightly, I delved further into the fantasy… I gripped the oak shelf tightly as the man bent me over and pushed his big dick into me right up to the hilt. I loved every inch as it filled up my hungry pussy, as he fucked me with it, bringing me to the edge of my senses, to the edge of everything.

Then, when I could take the exquisite sensations no more, he withdrew and nuzzled my butt with that stonking penis of his, bringing a feeling of pure delight so intense I was dizzy with it.

No ordinary library visit . . . an erotic story

I encouraged him, this wild adventurous carefree me, to push it inside — urging him on until I felt the head, which was well lubricated with the juices of my arousal, push gently into my tight hole. I reached out and pulled a book from the shelf — Great Expectations, and I gently held the thick leathery spine against my clit, rubbing myself against it softly as I pushed back against him and he worked his way into my arse with that beautiful cock.

I loved Great Expectations, and I loved his cock. After some time, I came back to Earth from this erotic fantasia, to find myself spent and with very sticky fingers.

I slept extremely well that night. The next day, which was my day off, I had made a big decision. It was time for a change. So if I needed to change I order to get one, I was willing to do so. Starting with my attire. Instead I had looked online at the Next clothes models for inspiration and seen one person that I thought looked acceptable. I was very happy with it.