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Aku no Hana Flowers of Evilthe controversial talk-of-the-town show of the spring season, has recently been d by Sentai Filmworks for North American release. Darkness lurks everywhere, in every human heart, and sometimes it takes just a second of weakness for it to take root. Unfortunately, his loathsome act of laundry theft is witnessed by Nakamura, the strange girl who sits behind him in class.

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Name: Bibbye
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I can speak: Spanish
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That, however, is emphatically not the case, as WayForward demonstrates on a fairly regular basis.

Not only do they have the wonderful Shantae and her friends in their portfolio, but they also have the cast of the delightful puzzle-platformer series Mighty Switch Force! Stop, in the name of the law! Bonus points if you understand that reference.

Unlike the Shantae games, which are all quite story-heavy, the Mighty Switch Force! Rather, we can infer quite a bit from her appearance, her animations, and the lines that her voice-over artist Stephanie Komure delivers with extreme glee over the course of the various games in the series. Academy we do occasionally see her take her helmet off to wipe sweat off her brow; this is one of the only times we actually see her hair in her normal outfit.

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Patty is mostly unfazed by the variety of ridiculous situations she finds herself in over the course of her various adventures. We see a more cheerful, playful Patty in the promotional artwork for Mighty Switch Force! Evidently Patty is someone who knows how to let her hair down quite literally when the time is right, but focuses completely on the job at hand when she needs to.

An admirable trait for anyone, and some might say essential for one working as part of the emergency services. Yes, the challenge factor certainly ramps up in the later stages of the Mighty Switch Force! If you enjoyed this post, please consider supporting the site via any of the services below or the Donate here on the site!

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