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Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Aug 5, 49, Overview: In Lust Epidemic you play as Brad, a student of East State University as he finds himself stranded at rival college Saint Dame University during a hurricane that has unexpectedly struck your town.

While exploring the ancient and creepy campus grounds you'll uncover many mysteries and secrets Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, Reactions: BenHopperVikky69Punto and 2, others. Aug 4, 10 NLT game?!?!? Reactions: jackncokeMonikaWorshiperLoneRanger11 and 34 others. Summer Love Active Member.

Jul 5, Oh no Reactions: HizaxxSparXFarhan and 30 others. Aug 2, OMG Thank you so much Reactions: janush66 and Luciferzalim. Budokai Member.

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Jul 16, How much content? Looks promising Rizlim Newbie. Aug 6, 52 NLT models, hnggh. Reactions: KyragaRaspshtinepoloko and 2 others. Paprika Active Member. Aug 14, 1, I like NLT incest comics, from which I recognize the characters.

But without the incest story it's not that appealing to me; and even more with RPGM. Reactions: FoolCloneNanoCavpal and 18 others.

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Nov 20, 1, 3, Why arent those animations skippable at the beginning? Reactions: DPcraftNano and lvcky. Jul 30, Reactions: DjKillerDev. Burgundy Newbie. Jul 26, 68 Budokai said:. Paprika said:. MrKnobb Alternate Existence Donor.

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Game Developer. Aug 16, 2, 4, I have a feeling this game will be big. Tgoi Newbie. Feb 4, 32 Reactions: thekomalex sanders and bernthal. R3d3g3 Member.

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Feb 11, 1, Thanks alot for the. Reactions: 4i4akNano and Maharaja.

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Jul 27, 4 3. The trailer is very well done, but will there be many animations in the game too? I like games with animations. Dustellar Active Member. Aug 22, 1, As expected, no incest Although there is still hope, considering that many comic characters will be in the game, they could add incest without mention it Spoiler: Families You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Reactions: mercaDrAuxerregrobulos and 12 others. Jul 19, Thanks crust for the OP. Been waiting on this one! Gents to enable incest, swap out the 'names' txt doc in the WWW folder with the attached doc. Reactions: alvarocheiraKuzmichMokni and others.

Lust epidemic [v ]

Okamikari Member. Mar 30, I thought that i would never again touch a RPGM-game. I was wrong. Reactions: txtBildhele melekeleShesterb and 15 others. Aug 5, 6, 8, Reactions: kalifiantoSoulg4xMadHatters and 3 others. Dictateur Active Member. Aug 7, Reactions: Felipe3hele melekelekalifianto and 6 others. Jan 14, 60 I doubt we will get the same biweekly updates we got with My Summer but this game is still going to be epic.

NLT art is on another level! Show hidden low quality content.

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