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Name: Dodi
My age: 52
Favourite music: I like to listen reggae

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Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter thomasxlong Start date May 22, 3dcg animated humor male protagonist milf oral sex school setting vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. PandaLulz Active Member er. Aug 18, 4, Where is the save location of this game? MorganFreeFarm Newbie. Jul 1, 20 I played this game a while ago, why can't I get the pills anymore? Apr 12, Lenor said:.

I don't think you got what he was getting at. Mods in this thread tell you to ask for new versions in the game request section and mods in the game request thread say it's useless to make a request for a game this big. Make up your mind mods! May 2, PandaLulz said:. It's a Ren'Py game, so right click and you'll see that? Jackboo1 Active Member.

Aug 26, 1, I just checked the game files. Nothing new.

Reactions: Lenor. Oct 29, 65 Jul 11, 7 Jackboo1 said:. May 23, 87 Anyone else getting a bug where you can't advance the exchange student scene? TheKyu Member.

Dec 18, RobJoy Active Member. Jul 4, Saves disn't work OFC. Started new game.

Button "Fast" does not work. Felilouco New Member.

Nov 18, 14 I don't understand The saves location is set somewhere in C win 7 but can't find them Felilouco said:. ReJoe Active Member.

Jun 7, Anyone else get stuck in a loop during the hand job scene? Speed up icon doesn't speed up. It does the same as the kiss icon. I had to load a save to get out of it. DonutKing6 Newbie.

Jan 24, 17 Williamwe Newbie. Aug 3, 79 Yes i know that part but the save files of the inside game is not the primary Reactions: Munkeysymbol and bas. Sep 5, Williamwe said:. Reactions: Alcolaw.

Anon-e-Mouse Active Member. Oct 3, QueenBee Newbie. Dec 10, 86 Just because you haven't found it yet doesn't mean its not there. Reactions: cakeCenturion and Viatovic. Respected User. Former Staff.

May 6, 3, 29, Attached is the most current patch from the dev's Patreon. The one currently in the OP is outdated.

Overwrite your current patch. FYI Jmolle2 Potato klx. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.