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Game should stop locking when talking to Rune. Check out what else has come around since the last public patch below the break.

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It would be fair to say Fenoxo Play has something of a cult following. Who the fuck is Fenoxo? Why should I care?

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Well, not exactly. Who the Fuck is Fenoxo? Some of the entries reference Fen in the third person, so it seems like multiple people are actually posting. Google is a little more helpful.

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It turns out Fenoxo is a Pervy Writing Minotaur, the coder, and brain behind a of sexy games, and has the ability to suck his own dick and fire portals from his anus. It seems like he probably edits his own entry on the Smutosaur Wiki, too. His claim to fame is dirty games. In particular, Corruption of Champions seems to have won the hearts and minds of deviants.

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The art varies in style a bit, but it maintains a hentai flavor throughout. Most of the entries on the front will be difficult for newbies to understand. They talk about the different games and the status of upcoming ones. Updates come every couple of days.

A November entry is going to be a bummer for a lot of people. In classic porno style, the sisters are now going to be step-sisters.

Fenoxo review

The first link in the header, PLAY, is where all the best stuff can be found. A download for CoC2 is fenoxo blog soon. Since Corruption of Champions seems to be the one that put Fenoxo on the map, I decided to check out the sequel. The warning on the opening screen includes this gem:.

A wall of text. There was some backstory about mages who thought they were better than gods, and some stuff about wolf-people, orcs, and cat-people. A few s later it asked me to choose a name and a race. I get it now. Along with his Well-Hung talent, Cocklord lived up to his name. CoC2 generated a detailed, full- description of my character that included a flat tongue constantly dripping slobber, a fuzzy golden tail above my toned dog ass, and average-sized pink fenoxo blog.

A paragraph goes into deep depth, and wide width, about my canine cock. Naturally, it retracts into a sheath when flaccid. Where Are The Titties? Like the blog where we found it, the game is mostly text. In fact, if you thought the blog looked skimpy in terms of images, the game is downright barren. There is sex in this game. In fact, every element seems to radiate kinky fuckery of every kind.

Fenoxo's blog

This is a deep niche smut for a deep niche market. Early in the game, you team up with a pink-haired cat slut who looks like fenoxo blog might be into it. A couple fights later, you run into a temple and see this:. Her chest heaves with heavy breath, shaking a pair of succulent pale mounds atop it. Blonde hair laced with purple dye spills down in wild curls around her jaw and over her colorful ears, mussed and flecked with dirt. After another big fight to rescue this chick, we finally get another pic. You can suck her off, refuse, or try to get a better offer.

The Fiction section of Fenoxo often misspelled as "fenexo" has a couple of dozen stories and novellas. If you want to talk to someone about dick-boob centaurs, there are probably a bunch of people on right now.

As I write this, more than 2, members are online. These games are next-level nerd porn. Open Fenoxo. Fenoxo I clicked New Game and got… A wall of text. Hentai Heroes. Cunt Wars. FAP Ceo. Project QT. Booty Calls. Kamihime Project R. Pocket Waifu. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites. Live Sex Cam Sites.

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Fenoxo’s blog

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