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Babysitting is a wonderful Online Free-to-Play Virtual World life-simulation for all the fans of babysitting games.

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This wonderful game allows you to be a Babysitter and take care of the cute babies throughout the game. From changing their cloths to feeding them and to make them sleep, you will have to act as a truly skilled Babysitter and the game will allows you to have a real life-like experience.

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As a Kindergarten worker, your only task in the game is to babysit children whose parents are both working and as you are entrusted with their kids, you should totally be dedicated to the children and take very good care of them. With a wonderful environment, cool visuals and an addictive gameplay, Babysitting is a fun simulation to enjoy.

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The game offers kids to play and learn about childcare. In this game the player play as an experienced babysitter as he can run his own kindergarten at home. The game allows the player to take care of various children and perform multiple actives that a nanny show in a real-life such as make a food of babies, changing the nappy, dress up, and play with kids, etc.

Babies want the player at the same time so satisfy wishes step by step and take care of all the babies if any baby cries in long in that the game deduct the life and restart the level again. My Baby Care includes core feature such as craft different things, Purchase Upgrades, Unlockable Achievements, mini-games and much more. The game offers quite addictive gameplay, easy controls, brilliant graphics and great mechanics, etc.

Back in the Day when it was Live, BabyDow allowed the players to adopt a baby, take care of him or her and enjoy having all the fun of being a mother without even having a Real Baby. This Virtual World actually was well liked among the virtual world lovers and offered a wonderfully additive game-play.

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But there is no need to get worried at all, there are a of cool games that you can play online or on your PCs that offers similar gameplay with more cool features and lots of other exciting things to do. The game allows you to be a modern era mom and lets you take care of your new born baby. This wonderfully addictive game offers two main modes. In Taking Care mode, your task is to maintain the happiness level of both mom and the baby by continuously making them happy with the things like changing the baby diapers, giving him a bath and feeding them properly.

The second mode lets you craft different items for your baby such as diapers, food, baby soaps etc. The good progress in both of the modes rewards you with experience points that you can use to shop for items. For all the Baby Simulation game lovers, Baby and Me is not less than a treat. Cyber Infants is another great Online Free-to-Play Baby Simulation for all those who want to have a Baby but are not ready in real life.

Just like you did in BabyDow, you can adopt games like babysitting cream baby in Cyber Infants and take good care of your baby by simply doing all the things that you can in real life.

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The baby in the game act like a normal real life baby, gets cranky, sleepy, fussy, sleepy and hungry and asks for your attention etc. Super Mom is a cool Online Free-to-Play Virtual World Life-Simulation for all the moms who want to show the world that they actually are Super moms because they know how to raise a baby.

With all the sweet things a mom can do with her baby, sweet sounds and beautiful visuals, Super Mom is a fun game to play. Do try it out and enjoy all the fun. Baby Boom is another cool Free Online Virtual World for all the moms to learn how to take care of their babies.

This brilliant game allows you to babysit four beautiful babies, take good care of them by simply providing them with the things they need, cleaning them, giving them bath and by simply feeding them to keep them happy. You must also know that if a baby cries for long, the game deducts one of your lives and starts over. Playing with the babies, and babysitting them properly rewards you with points that you can use to buy more items.

Baby Boom offers an online simulation type game-play in which you can actually learn how to take good care of your lovely babies. Play this game if you want to enjoy babysitting your babies. Baby Blimp is one amazing Virtual World Life-Simulation that is based on the story normally told to children about where they actually came from. This cool game allows you to be Chief Stork who is the manager of Baby Blimp and your task is to create babies and deliver to their parents.

As you progress with all the procedures, Baby Blimp will keep on unlocking new stuff for you and that will make the game more entertaining. The game offers unique gameplay that you have never experienced before. Usually, parents look after their children in the real world, but the game provides you with an opportunity to take care of your father.

House cleaning may be fun, but there are lots of other home activities that you would like to engage with to have fun. During the gameplay, you need to games like babysitting cream dirty pots, cook dinner, iron the laundry, and then struggle to tidy up the living room.

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While playing the game, you can partake in several fun-filled activities, including decorating the fridge with magnets, decorating yummy cookies, set the table with yummy dishes for dinner, and more. The game takes place in the stunning world and puts the player in the role of the protagonist who runs a babysitting academy. During the game, the player will discover the excitement of babysitting while managing a local academy.

Babysitting cream

However, there are lots of fun indoor and outdoor games available, including Tricycle Racing, Red Light Green Light, Puzzles, and more. The game starts with the player selecting the avatar from available and then jumping into the world to fulfill the goals to advance through it. The game rewards the player with trophies for each completed task and will unlock further content to explore. There are two different modes such as Quick Play and Competition.

In the start, the player has a choice of selecting one of two modes to dive into his selected game type to show off his skills. In the game your goal is to raise a Virtual baby, take good care of him or her until the age of three.

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The Taking Care of My Baby mode allows you to take good care of your baby in regards of health, nutrition and cleanliness, Makeover My Baby mode allows you to groom your baby with the help of trendy attire, stylish haircuts, cloths and accessories and Baby Valley Community mode lets you create a where you can connect with others and show off some cool snaps of your baby. With instructional book in the game library, beautiful environment and all the wonderful things that you can do in Baby Valley, this game is quite fun to play.


Cleaning, giving a bath and playing with the baby, make the baby happy and that is what provides you with a chance to earn points and coins that you can always use to buy more baby items and keep on running your Kindergarten. Kindergarten with all the fun things combines, is on amazing game to play and enjoy. Do try it out. Babysitting Babysitting is a wonderful Online Free-to-Play Virtual World life-simulation for all the fans of babysitting games.

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