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Ghost town gunsweeper walkthrough, Filipine chica look up boy ghost town gunsweeper walkthrough date

Instead, it starts with the bi blond trying to get a raise only to find the head of their exorcism company on the ground with his soul stolen. The crew gathers up with their new schoolgirl teammate and go to find his soul at new girls birth town. After some chasing around doing pretty random things you find his soul, some magic rings, and fight grim reapers.

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Released on October 7, Download on Nutaku.

For PC Windows. No voice acting.

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Censored genitals. From the makers of Shinobi Buster Mizuna, Ghost Town Gunsweeper is an adventure game that follows a team of ghostbusters! Hoping to find the soul of the GEC director, these ladies will have many sexual encounters on their journey through the ruins. A team of four ghost hunters are exploring an abandoned ghost town. The ghost hunters battle grim reapers in a grand quest to resolve the mystery while having buckets of casual sex along the way.

The girls create magic bullets and equipment from cum extracted from the ghosts. If you want to survive your journey through the ghost town, you must give handjobs and blowjobs to various ghosts! The writing is playfully comedic. If you lose a fight, the ghosts will have their way with you. The undead are a mischievous bunch! This game can go from silly to serious in a matter of seconds.

The best version of female ghostbusters

The story of Ghost Town Gunsweeper about tracking down the source of the ghosts and battling Satan. Each character is full of personality, from the humble shrine maiden to the pervy nerd guy. The unique interactions are a joy to watch.

The only real issue is that the story segments are badly paced. Moyoko is the school girl newcomer to the Ghost Hunter task force. Rei is the sexy blonde of the group. She was the hero of the game in this series. Tomomi is the temple maiden and healer of the party. She worked alongside Rei in the game. She sells charms to Moyoko that can repel, or attract ghosts. She is the sister of Eiichi.

Eiichi is the beta male pervert of the party. He handles item crafting and maintains the equipment. His character is most often used for comic relief like when he gets slapped in the face by a random ghost. Even though Tomomi is his sister, he still fantasizes about her and the other girls all the time! You move with the arrow keys and press spacebar to interact with objects and people.

The gameplay is almost pure exploration.

You search buildings for items and fight enemies for valuable semen. The entire game takes place in the ghost town. There are no friendly villagers. You can choose your character in the beginning. The choice only effects dialogue. The differences in the story are important enough to justify at least a second play-through.

The damage is reflected visually in the character sprites, and will change their expressions and dialogue. The combat is turn-based. Despite being an RPG Maker title, the experience is unique.


You only have a set amount of bullets to use for attacks. You have to reload at the end ghost town gunsweeper walkthrough your clip. You can jerk off ghosts in the middle of a battle to collect their semen. In the pause menu, customize your battle commands to use new techniques in combat. Keep an eye on your quick-select abilities. These seeds can be found by interacting with drawers and kitchen sets.

More buildings and areas become available when you acquire a shotgun. Shoot through crates and other barriers. The game can be hard to learn, but everything becomes intuitive after the first couple battles. The art is traditional Japanese anime style, similar to many 90s cartoons.

The main girls have a ificant amount of art ghost town gunsweeper walkthrough to their luscious feminine bodies. Their in-game pixel sprites are beautifully crafted to look just like their character art. The game has a small world map, with at least 50 different interiors to explore. Most houses are empty, but many have loot and a unique interior de for players looking to immerse themselves in a ghostly experience.

Many of the events in this game have matching animations that bring the characters to life. In the opening sequence, fierce wind blows on their hairs as Moyoko looks through her iron sights and fires her gun. The numerous images and animations are rigid but gorgeous, and make this indie game an engaging experience.

The visuals are full of personality. Enemy attacks are hilarious, with great attention to the script. For example, your undead enemies will pelt you with clumps of smegma, which debuffs your girls. Almost every aspect of the visual presentation in this game is executed seamlessly.

For example, you can go up the stairs of an apartment complex to explore different floors, all without the screen ever fading to black! The sound effects are unique recordings that fit perfectly with the visual presentation.

You can hear the awkward sound of an inexperienced girl clumsily groping a penis. You hear the sound of your bullets as they penetrate your foes. The audio is realistic and does not use any standard RPG Maker assets. It stands apart as great sound de, without ever being repetitive. Most songs are short loops, less than one minute long. You hear instruments like the electric guitar, and woodwind piccolos. The songs will get repetitive fast if you actually stop to listen to them. When you battle grim reapers for example, the background music is a 28 second loop.

The piccolos and other instruments used in more atmospheric pieces sound great, but even they get repetitive.

Ghost Town Gunsweeper has nearly 30 sex scenes in total, ranging from standard handjobs to ghostly gangbangs. Most scenes have at least 3 variations with different dialog. The recollection room lists 19 sex scenes in total, but there are 30 in truth, because each girl has her own unique variation on a scene. Even though the sex partner is the same, the scene is different. The dialogue during sex scenes is short and to the point. You read only a few lines in between the animated fucking.

Fetishes range from non-consensual to yuri and futa. The artwork is gorgeous, the animations are captivating. The sex scenes make nutting a breeze. The three girls are uniquely appealing in their own way.