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With all of the recent developments taking place here at VRSmash, you can rest assured knowing that virtual reality sex is no longer a science-fiction fantasy. You don't need to worry about spending tons of money on buying a specific smartphone or matching heet.

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This will be the right option for you if:. If you are unsure if watching porn movies in virtual reality is what you are after, then buying a Google cardboard VR heet is the way to go. Watching VR porn with these heets is as easy as can be. You need Android 4. The way it works is that you take your own smartphone, put it tight in the cardboard and play your favorite virtual reality porn movie! Even for such a cheap solution you will get an amazing 3D VR porn experience!

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As long as you have an Iphone or Android you can buy a heet or even make a Google Cardboard virtual reality heet by visiting your local hardware store. The Google Cardboard heet may not be the first choice for durability and comfort but it has affordability on its side.

You may be wondering what exactly Google Cardboard is. Google Cardboard is just a piece of cardboard paired with Velcro and some lenses.

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It is the perfect introductory heet for the individual looking to try out virtual reality porn. While the Google Cardboard heet has you covered when it comes to affordability; comfort and durability are not top priorities for this heet.

These heets are better than the Google Cardboard heets and are compatible with all of the programs and videos that Google Cardboard has come out with. If you are just starting out and trying the virtual reality experience then the Google Cardboard heet is a good choice and then if you decide you are interested and enjoy virtual reality you can always upgrade.

If you are using an iphone:

If you are using an iPhone: Open your phones Safari browser and go to yougoggle. You can then close your browser and go to the app from the VR mode icon that should now be located on your home screen. Finally, you launch the app and place your phone inside of the virtual reality heet and you are good to go.

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Insert your cock deep inside of her VR Bangers. Me and my hot girlfriend relaxing before Christmas VR Bangers. If you do not care about yoga at all it is okay VR Bangers. Perfect blonde teen gives you a amazing time VR Bangers. Good Quality Affordable VR Heets While the Google Cardboard heet has you covered when it comes to affordability; comfort and durability are not top priorities for this heet.