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Three very different criminals team up for a series of heists in the corrupt city of Los Santos. Michael De Santa : You forget a thousand things every day, pal.

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Grand Theft Auto V.

Based on our expert review.

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Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say I would not allow my young children to play this game as it is full of sex, drugs, violence, extremely profane language, and organized crime. You play as 3 different characters, each of which is a hardened criminal.

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None of them are strangers to major crimes or mistreating people in general. Allow me to break down the key components of the game. The language is unusually coarse in game.

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I've played games with swearing before, but GTA V is laden with foul language to the point that it actually becomes tedious to me. We're not talking about an F bomb here and there, we're talking about almost constant swearing. A particular racial slur, the c word, the whole nine yards.

Grand fuck auto review: stunning graphics fuel sex, adrenaline rush

As far as violence goes, anticipate massive amounts of blood and the opportunity to use a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to kill innocent bystanders, animals, and the police. Not even the cutscenes are safe from violence. There is a torture scene in game that is canonical, so it cannot be avoided. During this, your character Trevor torments a man with waterboarding, electrical current, teeth pulling, etc.

If you accidentally kill the subject, you can revive them by jamming a needle into their heart. Once Trevor gains information, you switch to another playable character Michael and use the information to snipe a man at a house party. Mind you, these crimes are not vigilante justice by any means. They're cold blooded murders and heists. Another unavoidable scene with graphc violence involves chasing a lawyer in a vehicle on the active runways of Los Santos Int'l Airport.

At the end of the chase, Michael winds up inside of a hanger with the hysterical lawyer running away from him. A plane's engines start up, and the lawyer is sucked into an engine, which sprays a pink and red chunky substance onto the concrete floor.

Grand theft auto v pc review

Another cutscene features Trevor stomping a gang leader to death. At one point, he lifts up his boot and shows off some brain matter that is stuck to it.

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Sexual content is mostly avoidable, but let's be real-Rockstar put it there for a reason and I cannot name a single player who has played the game and never visited the strip club or picked up a hooker. However, some of the sexual content is NOT avoidable.

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The first cutscene after the prologue includes talk of masturbation. The first cutscene to feature Trevor involves him having sex with a woman in the kitchen of his trailer.

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In one scene where the player switches from Franklin or Michael to Trevor, you see Trevor pleasuring himself in the bathroom of his trailer. In a side mission, you film a celebrity couple having sex in public. There are also a lot of sexual innuendos and blatant, graphic sexual dialogue. Drugs and alcohol are also factored into the game heavily. Trevor is a meth manufacturer, dealer, and user.

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There are missions that revolve around Trevor's illegitimate drug business. Franklin can be made to smoke weed in game. Michael and Trevor when at their respective homes can be made to consume alcohol until becoming drunk. There are also peyote plants hidden all over the map that when ingested send the player on a trip where their character turns into an animal.

Humor was the intention, and humor there was, but this is not suitable humor for children. Some of the criminal behavior involved includes pulling major bank heists, robbing a jewelry store, stealing vehicles of all sorts of coursemurder for personal gains, drug use, DUIs, animal cruelty you are able to kill sea creatures, dogs, cats, and wildlifeand strong references to cannibalism.

This game is a masterpiece.

Grand fuck auto review

Graphically, it is stunningly beautiful, and the characters all have well developed backstories and unique traits. The budget to create it was million dollars and most of that money was spent well. I strongly encourage parents to forego purchasing this game for their young children. Peer pressure and your child's strong want for the game will make it difficult to decline purchasing this game for them, but it's vital that you heed ESRB ratings. They don't lie. Take it from a very experienced player. This is NOT for children.

There is no educational value, nor is there anything that is truly age appropriate for youngsters. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review. Adult Written by Amare W. April 17, It's super awesome! You can also play online! It is so cool, definitely 9 and up! This title contains: Positive Messages. Adult Written by Lily C. April 15, Kids should not play this! This game has quite a bit of nudity and very vulgar language.

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It includes a strip club and lots of violence as well! Adult Written by bob j. April 12, Positive role models.

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Adult Written by Holden W. April 10, Parent of a 9-year-old Written by john s. April 6, Adult Written by John T. March 28, Grand theft auto v Stay out of the strip clubs rest is fine. This title contains: Sexy stuff. Parent of a 6-year-old Written by Lubbock B. March 20, Good game for kids This game is great for kids!