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This wiki explores the manga series as well as the animated and live-action adaptions of Great Teacher Onizuka and its affiliated works.

Gto: paradise lost

Please feel free to contribute! We currently have 5, edits to the articles and 1, images on this wiki since August 08, Great Teacher Onizuka GTO revolves around an eccentric, yet mischievous teacher who is not afraid of brazenly admitting to being a pervert. At years-old, Eikichi Onizuka represents everything that contradicts and challenges the foundations of the educational system. His methods are considered bizarre and often dangerous. Despite this, Onizuka manages to earn his students' trust and respect one-by-one while simultaneously teaching them life lessons.

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It depicts Eikichi Onizuka 's life prior to his ing of the Oni-Baku. It depicts Toshiyuki Saejima as the guardian of an ex-high-class escort named Arimori Shizuka. The manga was published between January and January It depicts Ryuji Danma and a girl named Mimon Ishikawa and their misadventures.

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The manga was published between June and October IRC Wiki List. Misc Guide. Media Guide.

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Characters Community Back. Media Guide Characters Community Back.

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History Talk 2. Manga Read about the manga! Anime Read about the anime!

Paradise lost

Drama Read about the live-action dramas! Meet the Characters Read about the characters! It's because no matter what the time of day you look at them, they're always facing the sun.

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When the sun's in the east, the flowers point east. When the sun's in the west, the flowers point west.

Gto: das verlorene paradies

They're like little yellow suns themselves, always looking for their parent sun in the sky. And as long as the sun is shining, each one is never alone and never sad and never cries. That's why this garden is such an ideal place to visit when you're feeling down.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. Related Works. Featured Quote. You know why they call these sunflowers? Helping Out. Want to help out? Related Links.

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