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We talk about pombies, wooden book clubs, friendship, and more! Plus: Digressions about superheroes!

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Dark Academia is a complex aesthetic Let's all think of as many sub genres of DA as we can. A lot come to mind, right? In this post I've tried to narrow some down. They wear brick red lipstick no matter the occasion.

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The month of May is a month of blossoms and green growth in North America, and it seems fitting to close out Asian Pacific American Heritage month with a tribute to an artist whose work has graced some of the most important publications of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortoriuma national center for the systematics of wild and cultivated plants based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.

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Mitsu Nakayama at right with colleagues, including Hortorium Director and leading authority on palms and plant taxonomy, Harold E. Moore Jr. Mitsu Nakayama was born of Japanese parents in Westchester County, New York where she attended high school and received training in art. She lived in Ithaca, N. Illustration of Columnea illepida, by Mitsu Nakayama.

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For publication with H. Scientific illustration can be painstaking work, involving multiple studies of individual specimens to render the most minute botanical features and details as accurately and effectively as possible. Michaux; illustrated by Pancrace Bessa We apologize for the long hiatus, friends.

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And on that happy note, we pick up a thread we started last April—a celebration of the leafy beauties and ecological treasures that our national Arbor Day holiday honors. For eons they have provided humankind with shelter, food, tools, profit, and inspiration. For centuries after Catesby, the trees of the world were the focus of intense interest by European explorers, ever on the look-out for new sources of prosperity and wealth for the colonial powers of the world.

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Utilitarian and hot german girls tumblr extractive as this interest may have been, it proved a driving force behind one of our favorite gems in the Mann vault. Michaux; translated from the French with notes by J. Jay Smith, and co-authored by Thomas Nuttall In the course of the extensive North American travels he made while collecting the material for his work, intrepid Michaux made the acquaintance of numerous United States-based naturalists, William Bartram and Alexander Wilson among them. Michaux; illustrated by Pancrace Bessa in the special collections of Albert R. This early 19th century period also marked a high point in French botanical art, and the work of these three artists is among the finest examples of the period.

Also notable in the Histoire volumes and the first three of the English language North American Sylva : the use of newly developed printing technique known as color stipple engraving—which made luminous and richly hued reproductions of original artwork possible.

The illustrations added to the final two volumes of the later editions of The North American Sylva written by Thomas Nuttall, created by other artists and reproduced by less expensive printing techniques are not quite so fine, and yet still give us memorable visuals of the native woods that blanketed the North American continent before the agricultural and industrial conversions that came with the expanding young American economy. Photo by Jenny Leijonhufvud. To wit, this study on the potential of global tree restoration to help us out of our global warming crisis.

What does that red maple in your front yard, that tulip tree by your porch, that honey locust on your street corner do for your day-to-day well-being in the here-and-now? Check out the de. Stuttgart: Anton Hiersemann, Michaux, The North American SylvaF. Michaux and Thomas Nuttall Tags: arbor day vaults of mann rare books special collections trees.

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Even the smallest organisms on this earth can fall prey to viral and bacterial diseases. Honeybee virology is still a young field, but beekeepers have known about bee diseases for a long time. Hot german girls tumblr of pioneering American beekeeper A.

Root—is an example of early literature on this subject. Bee Diseases covers the most common bee diseases known to 19 th century beekeepers along with tips on how to mitigate them. Root begins the book small book, a pamphlet really by lamenting the exponential increase of bee diseases across the country, and states the importance of education on bee diseases and responsibility in beekeeping to mitigate these problems. Sound familiar? Developments such as rampant varroa mite infestation, declining worldwide bee populations, and Colony Collapse Disorder CCD — a phenomenon where the majority of worker bees in a hive suddenly vanish, leaving the inadequately attended queen bee and immature young vulnerable in their hives—have certainly become hot media topics in recent years.

The cause for these modern ills are still poorly understood, and have frequently been attributed to a complex set of factors, including the increasing use of fungicides and pesticides, bee malnutrition, habitat loss, and more. If one does not know what the disease is he should be on the safe side and proceed as if the sick colony were infected with the worst infection known to bee culture. In uncertain times such as these, it comes as a comforting reminder that many of our contemporary methods of managing viral infections are backed by many years of tried and true - as observed in the birds and the bees and proven by the beekeeper!

Tags: world bee day bees beekeeping virology special collections rare books fromthevaultsofmann. Whole Earth Catalog was the brainchild of eclectic visionary, big thinker, Merry Prankster, biologist-by-training, and education advocate Stewart Brand, who dropped out of the California counterculture in the late s to get busy facing up to an era when pollution was so uncontrolled across widespread regions of the United States that only events as extreme as a burning river—famously, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio—were sufficient to catch the attention of public officials.

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From a pickup truck hauling catalogs and wares around a circuit of communes and communities init quickly blossomed to a building in Menlo Park, CA, with an estimated 1. Part catalog, part guidebook, part literary ode to new paradigms in thinking about society and economy, Whole Earth Catalog was published regularly between andand then irregularly untilwhen it ceased publication altogether.

As relatively short-lived as the publication was, in many ways, Whole Earth Catalog captured well the spirit of times, fifty years ago, when the United States celebrated its very first Earth Day inand the environmental movement in the United States first gathered steam to express a critical urgency to the problem of environmental decline.

Stewart Brand is often credited for having waged a successful campaign to get NASA to release these extraordinary images. Tags: Earth Day earth is awesome environmentalism rare books special collections cornellrad Mann Library Cornell University Library fromthevaultsofmann. In the special collections of Mann Library, Cornell University. In this extraordinary spring of we dedicate, in gratitude, our rare book spotlight to a profession that too often goes unrecognized for the vital role it plays in our world.

First published insix decades, three editions and 58 printings later, byit had sold overcopies. In the s nursing was still a young hot german girls tumblr. In the United Kingdom of the s, Florence Nightingale had famously transformed squalid field hospitals of the Crimean War into places of actual healing by training an attending corps of female nurses in the new, data-driven protocols of good care that she had developed. In both cases, the widely recognized war-time contributions of nurses laid the groundwork for developing formal health-related education for women in Victorian era society.

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Inshe assumed the position of founding superintendent of the new Paterson Training School for Nursing in the industrial city of Paterson, NJ, and it was in this position that Weeks completed and published the first edition of her book. Between its covers, Weeks systematically presents an extensive suite of fairly precise guidelines, techniques and remedies for patient care that were widely recommended by late 19th century medicine.

She needs to be quiet, neat and systematic, and capable of eternal vigilance. And yet, again, do not judge too quickly.

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If Weeks was autocratic in her teaching style, hers was also the enthusiasm and generosity of a dedicated applied scientist bent on sharing knowledge with young novices just beginning their own exciting new path in life. Once a new frontier that provided women with a venue to apply energy, intellect and the commitment to the service of humankind, nursing has become a mature field of study, with numerous specialized areas of expertise vital to the health of humanity, and with growing s of men ing the ranks.

Perhaps never more so than now. Browse it yourself! Ward, Frances. Rutgers University Press, Tags: nursing women's history vaults of mann special collections rare books. As many of us know, the farming life can be an epically tough vocation. And as some of will also be keenly aware, this has been more true for some than for others.

Issued monthly, The Modern Farmer was first and foremost a periodical release of current news of interest to African American farming households.

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Founded in by a group of African American entrepreneurs and attorneys led by broker James P. Davis and heavily influenced by the teachings and philosophy of Booker T. With this approach, the Federation hoped to secure reliable markets, good prices and fair interest rates for participants, attract a growing membership to these networks, and ultimately make it possible for rural black communities to take care of themselves. Reports of farmstead success and tragedy, pithy advice on personal care, nutrition and diet, and school news published in its s evoke a vibrant sense of shared experience and mutual care.

Announcements about scholarship programs and religious conventions publicize opportunities for personal growth. News about lynching events and racially discriminatory hiring practices at specific firms and factories inform its readership on the specific dangers and challenges and sometimes also more hopeful breakthroughs happening at local, state as well as national levels. And certainly not least: Across all of its s, a strong editorial case for the power of organizing and collective strategizing will not be lost on any reader.

Given its timing, the NFCF was not poised particularly well for success. The s were, after all, years hot german girls tumblr Jim Crow was maturing to its full, noisome ripeness in the American South, adding a huge handicap to widespread African American advancement in any pretty much any industry. While the color line may have been less brutally enforced elsewhere in the United States, it remained, of course, a perniciously widespread reality in American socioeconomic life in all corners of the country. And then of course, there were financial and natural disasters that shaped the Great Depression of the s.

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Precipitous drops in commodity prices, crushing debt, floods, dust storms, heat waves, pest plagues spelled disaster for farming communities across the United States, black or white. Finally, of critical importance: the NFCF suffered from a serious internal weakness as well.

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Organized and largely led by prosperous black businessmen and professionals, the Federation was faulted for not sufficiently speaking to the realities of the land-poor tenant farmers and sharecroppers who made up the bulk of the black farming community of the rural South and who ultimately hot german girls tumblr their interests and concerns better served by sharecropper unions and more politically engaged civil rights organizations of the s.

Yet the NFCF was nothing if not energetically determined in its hope of making successful collective self-help and, eventually, a greater political voice, a reality for black farmers. For a time at least, there was good reason to gain confidence about this prospect. The farmers, by wholesale buying, saved 42 percent on the cost.

Mann Library has the good fortune of being able to offer the full run of The Modern Farmer as part of its special collections in historical agriculture. As far as we know, we may be the only library with this rare and important piece of African American history in its collection. Thanks to a recent scanning initiative, The Modern Farmer is now available for anyone with access to a computer and the internet. We invite you to take a look at archive.