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Some guys just love to play video games at home or in the arcade and because we love hot virtual reality sex VR too, combining the two can be quite an exciting proposition. I hate cheaters!

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My young niece received the game Candy Land and wants to play it several times a day.

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Naturally, I am frequently drafted as an opponent. I discovered that my niece cheats rampantly. Sometimes, she will advance three green squares instead of two.

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Or if a yellow card will take her to a licorice square lose a turnshe will ignore it and go to the yellow square after that. But the best cheating takes place when she draws a pink location card which sends her backward.

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My niece is always careful to draw the card and turn it so only she can see what it is. I found this change in personality surprising.

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In earlier encounters, she was happy to share in the winning. Anyway, after one of the games of Candy Land which she won actually, she wins every gameI declined to play another because she was cheating.

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In the game that followed, she cheated five times, even more than in the game. She wanted to play again.

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Instead, she stacked the deck. Perhaps I need to study up on how to cheat at Candy Land.

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I could mark the cards or go for one of the more advanced methods. Comments are closed. I wrote a book Ground rules Disclaimers and such My necktie's Twitter. Learning how to cheat at Candy Land Raymond. January 7th, Read next Pros and cons of using a four-year-old as your language instructor I have a niece who is a native speaker of Chinese.

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Playing with her is a free language lesson, and there are advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you will Raymond Chen January 11, Weight Gainthe competition Some years ago, one of my colleagues mentioned at the lunch table, "I went hiking this weekend, and man, my backpack was so heavy.

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I weighed it, and it was like 35 pounds Raymond Chen January 12, Paste your code snippet. Cancel Ok.

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