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Huniepop male vs female, Huniepop male vs female lady hunt for friend especially for naughties


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Username or Address. Remember Me. HunieDev confirmed via Twitter that Polly was trans and biologically male.

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Why is this important? It seemed much more like a parody of dating sims rather than one to actually be consumed and enjoyed. We laughed about its unfortunate character des Kyanna has one arm tucked beneath her breasts permanently like some sort of disfigurementdialogue, and the creator as well, because it all seemed like a legitimate joke.

And yet, given my interest in visual novels, eroge, and adult games, I still wanted to see what it was all about.

That, and with every new trailer HuniePop seemed a lot less interested in being a light, fun adult game and more of a shocker for the sake of getting attention, i. But the more I thought about it, the more I had to see the game for myself. So I took the plunge. I chose to play as a woman, though you can play as male or female characters.

Unfortunately, no matter which you choose, the default personality trope for your character is a hapless, dateless loser who comes off as an overeager and socially awkward idiot. As a side note, the order of the day was to just go with it, though, because HuniePop appeared to be self-aware to the point where it relied on memes, snarky statements, and overtly awful dialogue choices to get its message across.

It did this I hoped, anyway so that the women I was courting could respond to my advances in a realistic manner, which they did several times over, but not as often as I would have hoped. Back to the game, though.

It turned out the very first woman I saw was actually Kyu, a fairy who came to my bedroom in the middle of the night because my character was garbage at finding a girlfriend. Kyu insisted that I go on a date right that minute, so we ended up at the mall at night. I said I needed to pick out some lube for our date tonight and she called me cute and asked if I wanted to get high. After this bizarre exchange, I went to talk to Kyanna, because Audrey was the worst kind of tsundere.

Luckily I had a way to follow the women I met with — the HunieBee device tracked girls like a Scouter for Dragon Balls — but when I left Audrey seemed pretty miffed that I just dipped on her. That surprised me because it sounded like a dig at her, like I was calling her fat or out of shape or something.

By then she was getting hungry, so I bought her some tomatoes and handed them to her. She hungrily devoured them.

Huniepop and sexuality

I should probably explain that food items add stamina to the girls, so you can keep talking to them. The more you talk to and learn about them, the more points you receive to spend on upgrading your traits. It quickly becomes a cycle that you want to effectively and methodically implement by ensuring you purchase the right food for each girl.

It was one aspect of the game I found exceedingly entertaining.

The game finds itself entrapped by the real life culture of women’s worth being defined by their sexual attractiveness.

It was the first thing I really vibed with in the game. So I followed the tomatoes up with cabbage and sought out the other girl at the university. Tiffany was chatting with her professor Ms. Yumi, an extremely unprofessional teacher who blew off everything Tiffany was saying. Instead I played it straight because I felt as though I was basically assaulting her privacy otherwise.

The conversation was kept casual, and I was surprised to see low-key options permeated the menu when I went that route instead of being forced to act like a total girl-crazy beast. I decided to find Ms. Beli was hanging out with a blonde who was trying to make her wear a bikini. It had some sort of hideous pot leaf on it, which I guess gave it some edgedgeneddy, but it really got me wondering who was in charge of the costume de here; there were some real stinkers thus far.

Beli was nice and inoffensive enough, but I wanted to see what was going on with Blondie, so I left to go track her down.

Jules romero

When I arrived at the next location, Blondie was already flirting with Lola, so I actually felt a little like I was imposing. Each follow-up dialogue option beyond the openers was poised to get me in bed with Jessie, which felt bizarre given the pace with the other girls. She was arguing with Audrey about how boring it is at the nightclub because presumably she dislikes peoplebut what was interesting about this scene was the fact that Audrey had friends. I recalled Nikki as the same character I read from promotional materials who was into games, so I decided to pursue her, despite not really enjoying her personality very much.

We continued to chat and it looked like Nikki was starting to open up to me. I guessed how tall she was correctly and I even answered the several questions she had for me in a manner that she found acceptable. Everything seemed to be going great…until she started complaining about how hungry she was.

I bought her some cake, which she chowed down on, but she was soon starving again. All I could afford was some soda, which she refused.

Disheartened, I headed off to chat up some other girls to make some cash. Disingenuous of me? But I needed to get enough money to pay for my darling Nikki. I decided to say hi to Tiffany and see what she was up to over at Nutmeg Cafe. Thankfully, I already had the soda to give her.

In which i cease judging a game by its hunies

She declined as well. I tried to chat her up, but in the end she just ended up getting hungry as well. I headed out to talk to Audrey at the mall. We chatted about her occupation student, of course and what my biggest turnoffs are. We went to an ice rink, and I hated every single second of it, but it was all for Nikki.

Physical characteristics

Luckily, power-ups and items you can earn along the way remove these problems, as do strategic move planning and leveling up your traits. I ended up buying Nikki a bagel, which was all I could afford then. She hated it. Still, I was able to ask her out on a date. Our date at the casino ended with me having exhausted all of the available moves with only 10 points left to completely woo Nikki over.

We retreated to the cafe, where I was able to speak with her with a fresh amount of munie in hand. She liked desserts and candy, so I showered her in cupcakes and ice cream.

I needed more munie to woo her though, so I decided to go on a few more dates. Next up was Kyanna.

I failed this date as well, but that was all my fault for not looking into how to play the game more efficiently. I spent some time cycling through the girls and going on dates to earn money to buy gifts and other items to make each match easier, which took quite a bit of time. I ended up winning my first date, with Lola no less, but only after upgrading some of my traits. With that in mind, the game became a lot simpler to play, though never so easy that I felt insulted. Feeling insulted did happen though, several times, especially when the girls clearly choreographed their likes and dislikes according to their backgrounds or personalities.

Of course, Jessie was overtly sexual and Nikki loved the paranormal. Asking favorite colors, seasons, hobbies, height, cup size, weight, and other extraneous and non-important information is boring. And the girls get mad if you ask the same questions again and again, so the lack of ability to change them up is frustrating.

After a lot of messing about with other girls, it was finally time to go out on another date with Nikki. After going on several dates with Nikki and further refining my puzzle technique, I was finally able to reach a level where I had gone out on additional dates with each girl, particularly Audrey and Nikki. Audrey continued to pop off with crass one-liners and Nikki grew on me with her love of retro gaming accessories.

The player

In the end, however, I was ready to go the mile with only one girl, and that was Nikki. When she finally invited me back to her room, I played a quick puzzle minigame that was essentially to seduce her as she stood in my bedroom in her underwear. Her breasts and nipples were visible, but nothing else. With that, the screen faded to black. And just like that, she was back to being hungry. In the end, I realize this is a game that, while riddled with issues, I liked a lot.

A whole lot. In fact, with better writing and some more care given to the characters to flesh them out, it could be so much more. Filed under Dating sim Top Stories. Time to not completely blow it.