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As a Fridge sub, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy.

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Or what gift to give? I mean lets be honest! How can you remember it all? What advice would you give to a person that just graduated high school? If you started a business, what kind of business would it be? What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Name: Dodie
Years: 33
Available for: Guy
Gender: Female
What is my body features: My body features is quite overweight
What I like to drink: Rum

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Fridge horror

The girls also don't ask you if you remember certain things about them like in the first game. I will be using the steam formatting instead of screenshots.

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If there are, I will update the guide once they are found. To do that, you need to know where all the dates will take place and at what times.

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I will list under each individual girl how to get a particular outfit. The outfits will be listed according to the final order. You can see what outfits are missing by going to the hotel room and looking in the wardrobe.

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Time works differently in HP2 than it did in the first game. When you go on a date, it takes place at the time you meet the pair i. Immediately after dating you will need to move to the next location and the time will switch when you do so. Example: If you want to go on a date in the evening, you need to sleep until the afternoon.

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You can also use this feature to sleep until the next day to get a different set of girls for that particular time. If you are trying to complete each girls profile, bare in mind that stamina does NOT regenerate unless you give them a stamina increasing food or go on a date with them. If you drain thier stamina and go to a different location, the next time you see them, their stamina will still be drained.

Huniepop 2: double date – your guide to all huniepop2 girls!

You can take advantage of the date by doing this: Go on a date with the pair, which will increase their stamina by 2, then forfeit the date by hitting ESC and clicking the forfeit button. This will advance you to the next time and next location.

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The next time you see those girls, they will have 4 stamina. Date locations are based off of RNG choosing one of three locations for the time of day, with the exception of each pairs second date. Outfits for each girl are tied to a specific date location.

Huniepop 2 double date: all girls guide (what to say & which gift to give)

The outfit should always be the same for these locations again with the exception of each pairs second date :. Now that all that information is out of the way, you can see what you came here for!

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Starting… NOW! I had a blast with HP2 and I hope all of you do as well! If you didn't, go ahead and thumbs down.

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I won't mind! Feel free to leave suggestions, corrections, or questions down in the comments! By Ashelaain. See you soon!

Huniepop girls guide – schedule & answers

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. HuniePop 2: Double Date. Two consecutive matches consisting of the same type will take up an extra move, excluding cascading matches. If Nora becomes upset, she will throw away a random gift from both herself and her date, removing their passive effects.