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A peasant farmer named Anon is living on his uncle's farm when he receives a broken artifact named the "Ring of Hypnosis". If he can repair it, the ring has the power to control women This developer is also on Patreon - If you like the game please do consider supporting them to keep on making awesome games in the future.

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Thread starter brynhildr Start date Oct 9, 2d game 2dcg bukkake creampie exhibitionism fantasy female domination footjob furry groping group sex humiliation male domination male protagonist mind control oral sex stripping vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 4. Jun 2, 6, 48, Overview: A peasant farmer named Anon is living on his uncle's farm when he receives a broken artifact named the "Ring of Hypnosis".

If he can repair it, the ring has the power to control women Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, Reactions: Sinsinsinbigspy19Piory and others. Wis Lim Newbie. Sep 18, 49 Thx Edit: Ok! I've played it through now, so wanted to give you some feedback.

Hello everybody !

It's fun! The story is simple, quick to develop, and pretty linear.

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What I mean is, that all of th story lines develop in order and without much challenge to the player. The ring arriving by mail at just the right time, the ease with which you get the ruby, repair the ring, and success you have with using it immediately don't create any sort of hook or replay element into hypnosex rpg the character or story.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but does have ramifications with the depth of content you will need to create in order to maintain interest in the game. As it is, it is fun to play through once, but doesn't have much to capture the players interest beyond "new content" and the rate at which you can produce it. If you add more breadth to the game would help retain interest and support.

Maybe purposeful side stories, skill development, alternate options genre paths or quest paths that reach the same conclusion but along different means. Of course, these always take time and energy, and there's always the risk of spending too much time on rabbit trails, and losing focus on your main objective.

Anyway, it was fun. The "v4" lead me to believe that there was a decent amount of playtime already available, but it appears to be about an hour or so, without skipping any scenes or events. Perhaps there's more, but I've finished humiliating the baroness and bought the food for travel, but can't seem to find any method to travel to the Capital.

Even if there is a way, your patch notes make it sound as if the content ends quickly from that point anyway.

So, all of that to say "Good Job! Last edited: Oct 10, Reactions: TowekeKingofFranceAmariithynar and 8 others. Feb 12, 3, 5, Only women? What an odd restriction. Guess the one who created it was also a pervert.

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Or he had a really bitchy wife and he just wanted her to shut up. XD I'm not complaining though. The hell else am I gonna use a ring like this for? To influence the political and military powers of the world and create peace, happiness and a stable economy?

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End war and famine? Fuck that.

I'm getting laid. Reactions: zackffseregrimmEldar and 18 others. Tyrranus Active Member. May 4, I played an early version of this on hypnopics Reactions: hellofriends MrXV Active Member.

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Oct 3, Since this is an rpgmaker game, does it got a quest tracker? Cause i hate walking around blind in rpgmaker games. Reactions: cloudmoon and Ulaered.

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Sep 1, 67 Reactions: marclimMauamuPollyanna and 3 others. Sep 14, 1, 15, Reactions: DrakasOnyskoany07 and 7 others. Fucker New Member. Sep 3, 13 5.

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What do we do after the pub? Anyone have any idea? Reactions: ponyguy. Jul 22, 2, Will wait for the finished game, change the name from "Anon" to kinda anything less cringy and then give it a try. Gintoki Newbie.

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Sep 16, 18 Almost no content. Genixs New Member. Jul 12, 13 4. Reactions: lwowons and ponyguy. May 16, 5, 17, Ulaered Member. Aug 15, King Monkey Mon said:.

Reactions: -Hex. Game Compressor. Sep 18, 1, 8, No Life King said:.

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Reactions: Goldfish and ponyguy. Reactions: ponyguy and -Hex. So lost, How did you guys get to the capital exactly? This is why these games needs quest trackers. Reactions: Deathdawg.

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Jun 1, Reactions: GoldfishWis Limponyguy and 1 other person. Yeah, good game other than the grinding to get the final ending. I enjoyed when MC mind controlled the mother into thinking she was collecting taxes by sucking off homeless men.