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Besides normal mode at default, when you reach one of your character to level Tip : To get to Yamata no orochi, before you kill boss Purple Equilibrium kill it after you killed Orochifollow the red arrow :. Recovery Necklace is the first thing you should get it.

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My biggest goal now is beating those two bosses on normal mode.

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I am a lover of all things military, admirer of warrior cultures throughout history, dog enthusiast, gamer, and all-around nerd. Inflation RPG is unusual in the fact that rather than fighting many battles to gain a single level, most battles will net you several hundred levels at a time. The goal is to reach the highest level you can before you run out of BP Battle Pointsof which you start with It sounds a bit strange, but I assure you that the constant management of your stats, gear, and accessories makes this game oddly and exceedingly addictive. Anyway, on to the nuts and bolts. Everything centers around Battle Points.

As I mentioned, you start off with 30 of them at the beginning, and once you run out it's game over.

What is hard mode ?

Each fight, regardless of whether you win or lose, costs you one BP. Fighting and defeating bosses, along with certain accessories, will net you a few extra BP. Each time you lose a battle, you lose 3 BP. After each fight, you gain XP, which is based on the actual level of the area in which you are fighting and any accessories to boost XP that you may have equipped.

Each level grants you ability points, which you can put into any of the following:. Note that all stats are modified by the point value of the enemies you are fighting. Therefore, it requires higher stats to keep pace with enemies as their level increases. Once you start a game in Inflation RPG, you'll have to pick a character. Notice that on the character select screen the basic stats are present along with some outward-pointing arrows. What that indicates is that characters toward the top will have an easier time gaining ATK, etc.

"inflation" rpg guide

Player Level, the Base Abilitiesis a stat modifier that is gained by killing certain bosses. Player Level is combined with Character Ability to grant a total stat bonus. Character Ability Levels are granted upon reaching certain XP totals across multiple play-throughs. Those XP s are as follows:.

Okay, enough explanations. Let's get the ball rolling and start playing.

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The first thing you'll probably notice is that every area has an Actual Level. This indicates the difficulty of the enemies you'll be tangling with, so mind where you walk.

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You'll get a warning if you enter an area that's obscenely above your current level, so beware for now. Your first priority is going to be money, but to get money you've got to go fight. For the time being, try to keep your level close to the level of the area and fight your way south. Just slug it out with what you can until you run out of BP. The Game Over screen will give you an opportunity to spend the gold you've earned before trying again.

Bear in mind that gold does not carry over between plays, so spend every penny you possibly can on the best available weapon. Play through again, and this time get the best armor you can. One more time, and get yourself an HP gem whatever the highest you can afford is. Essentially, once you're far enough along that you can take on and beat the Fox boss which is just a few steps north of the starting point as your first fight, you're ready inflation rpg hard mode guide make some real money.

Okay, so now you can smack the Fox boss around at level 1, right? Go ahead and do that, then head to the right. You'll find yourself in a desert-like area, in which your first goal is the northeast corner. You'll have to bolt across a few level and areas, so be careful, inflation rpg hard mode guide once you get to the area, you're in business. The enemies here aren't too tough, and have relatively high gold drops.

Fight a few enemies until you can win without trouble, then start putting all of your stat points into LUK. If you happen to notice any MONEY bonuses in the and areas, and are capable of winning fights there, hop down and take advantage. Once things get too easy for you in theyou can head due south to the area in the southeast corner of the map. Mind the boss, you don't want to play with him until you're ready, but farm the zone the same way you did the area.

The enemies here also drop a fair chunk of change, but it's still worth it to head north for bonuses especially the MONEY x7 bonus. Once you're breezing through the enemies here, feel free to take on the boss whenever you like for the extra BP. If he doesn't give you any trouble, just keep shoving your stat points into LUK until you run out of BP. You should be able to afford some good gear.

Once you're well-equipped, continue farming gold to open up your Accessory slots. When you first get rolling, keep that HP gem on your first accessory slot and fill whatever else you have open with EXP gems. Once you stop gaining any decent levels while farming less than or so per fight in the area, you can feel free to change out your accessories for LUK gems if you have them. Post-Farming Stage After gold becomes useless because you have everything you can buy. Once you've got the best gear you can get your paws on, it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

To proceed into more advanced areas, you'll want to head north, but more on that later when I do a proper walkthrough. Hopefully, this little "getting started" guide will help new players get the ball rolling.

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Inflation RPG is a tricky, irregular, but all-around enjoyable and addictive game that I, personally, have had a hard time putting down since I discovered it. I'm just going to keep tabs on this as I work on the guide. I'll update periodically as I learn exciting new things to help you folks along with.

I'm sure I'll expand the content as I can, but as you can imagine this game is particularly difficult to write a guide about. Nice guide, pretty good for getting started especially since there aren't many guides out there, also would love to see some info on how to climb the stages, which direction to go after certain levels, a map of the whole area, and also how the map changes levels and all.

Anyway any plays League Of Legends? Just introducing my favorite game. And thanks for the tips at Inflation RPG. Can't beat purple mother yet tho. Great guide!

I was struggling to make k until I found this. Now I have some good items. I don't really play the newer ones. Simulation Games. Mobile Games. Elder Scrolls.

How to reach to level and unlock hard mode quickly ?

Final Fantasy. Dragon Age. Fire Emblem. Legend of Zelda. First-Person Shooters. Gaming PCs. Strategy Games. Technical How-Tos. Horror Games.

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Sports Games. Fighting Games. Classic Games. Puzzle Games. Related Articles. Action-Adventure Games. By Melissa Clason. By Cheeky Kid. By Lee. By sigbog.

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By Eric Farmer.