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Click on the table and choose a topic for your executive order. However, he will be interrupted by Minerva, who tells him that as he is only temporary replacement, he doesn't have the power a permanent headmaster would have. Due to boredom, Marcus decides to look around, hoping to find something to alleviate his boredom. Choose the right shelf and click on the letter addressed to Dumbledore.

From his search of the office, Marcus learns that Dumbledore left for an unknown period of time to relax from the mortal coils he had to endure as the everlasting Headmaster of Hogwarts. An hour passes, and Marcus is now visited by Snape. We learn of the reasons for their conflict. Snape accuses Marcus of boning his own sister and all the consequences that followed. Marcus denies that this ever happened and tries to look for something to exonerate him. With the owl at his disposal. Just a few moments later, his owl will come back with an answer that Minerva will come at 10pm.

You now have to skip time using the clock. Press on the portrait on the clock. Or, right-click on the clock, to skip one hour at a time. Once it is 10pm, Minerva will innocent witches hermione as she said.

You need to open the door. Click on the door and choose the option to let the person in. Or, right-click on the door. From talking with Minerva, Marcus finds out that most of Snape told him could be true. In fit of anger he kicks the wardrobe, resulting in a pouch with coins falling out, which he decides to use to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

Marcus will now need to find himself a drinking companion and alcohol. Click on the wardrobe and drag the canvas to your inventory. In order to remember about the purchase and delivery, Marcus puts a notice on the clock marking the time of arrival of the package.

To skip time. Press on the marker on the clock and confirm skip. Then Marcus will just fall asleep and wake up at the table atwhen the package arrives. Click on the door on the right side, where you will find a bedroom, confirm sleep until morning. Then Marcus will wake up at the table at Now that Marcus has everything he needs, he will need to figure out just to do with the items in his inventory.

Click on the fireplace to start it. Use on the lit up fireplace, alcohol and canvas, in any order. Marcus will now drink and enjoy his newly found company. Spending the evening in perpetual drinking, Marcus will wake up back in Azkaban.

After having a short convo with Petrius, he will need to back into the pensieve. Click on the pensieve.

You have a vision, as Lord, he is the headmaster of Hogwarts and demands Snape to send him all four of the ly met girls to serve in his harem. Scene ends with a duel. Marcus sleeps at the table, and is found by Minerva, who tells him that it is already the 1st of September and proceeds to ask him to follow her. You have to choose the East Wing. Marcus will proceed to give a very rude speech about the school and students.

During which he also learns that all the four girls, he met ly are prefects in their respective houses. Minerva will drag Marcus back to the office and forbids him from going out ever again, or at least until Marcus apologises. Marcus decides to continue the path of self-destruction and drinks heavily. You need to close the curtain.

You now need to open the wardrobe, drag alcohol to your inventory and then use it one bottle at a time on the table. During his lengthy binge, Marcus will be visited by the prefects. Marcus continues his drunken ways and manages to spoil his relationships even further. When the alcohol finally runs out, Marcus will cut his leg on the shards of glass… he must tend to it. Open your inventory and drag the ether onto Marcus.

Unsurprisingly, Marcus just drinks the ether. He is then visited by Snape and an argument ensues.

We find out that all the items Marcus has used are a part of Dumbledore's personal collection. We also find out, why Marcus hates Snape: Marcus is convinced that Snape has seduced his mother.

Snape denies this fervently. They get into a duel. Marcus fails miserably, Snape wins. The sorting hat then falls on our defeated protagonist. As it wakes up, it has a conversation with Marcus. Marcus complains about his failings and Hat motivates our hero, by giving him a new perspective on the past events. Marcus swears to stop drinking and decides to become a better person.

Once again, more shit falls on the head of our protagonist and he loses consciousness. We wake up back in Azkaban, where the Lord has another conversation with Petrius, after which he is sent back through the pensieve. Another vision, Lord tells the prefects to prepare for the extremely long night as a part of his new harem. Marcus comes to his senses, slouched over on the floor. He hears Minerva entering the room, and her talking with the portrait, as well as the portrait trying to convince Minerva to pull a Bill Cosby on Marcus. Minerva almost agrees but is spooked by Marcus coming back to his senses.

We learn that after spending so much time with the drunken and perverted Marcus, the portrait is now a perfect image of the worst version of Marcus. And that Marcus was knocked out by a statue, that somehow fell out of the wardrobe magic bitches! You need to search the wardrobe and drag the statue to your inventory, and then use it on the table.

Marcus decides to keep his promise and become a better person. But the months-long binge took its toll on him. He fails miserably at doing anything, which encourages him to do something about it. You need to train all four of your characteristics at least once to solve the statue puzzle. You can do so by clicking on the table and doing the respective trainings. This will be expanded on by stats being meaningful in future versions.

Do not waste your time raising your stats beyond 1 point. When Marcus tries to solve the puzzle of the statue, he starts getting visits from the prefects. Still a bit hungover and being a bit dim with such complicated issues.

He decides to be an asshole, Marcus sends them away, saying he is not yet prepared to deal with such things. When all the puzzles are solved, Marcus completes one final check on the statue.