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The site is pretty neat, and the stories are good. The best part is that everything is free. It's also free to become a member, so enjoy that. The site has been up sinceand it has gained notoriety in tight porn circles, and it's suitable for the audience with specific tastes in extreme and hardcore porn. The Kristen Archives. I always wondered what good can come from being too lonely and horny with lots of sensual thoughts and ideas until I came across The Kristen Archives. Or should I say somewhere to immerse their hopeless sensual desperation into a sea of wonderful well-curated sex stories?

Anyways perhaps I'll possibly share my experience pretty soon enough.

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And unfortunately, the generation I am in, love and money lust are basically one and the same thing. Either way, at least Kristen and her fap knowledgeable authors still manage to keep me entertained through my mystery each day with unfiltered mesmerizing romantic works. Now, from the knowledge that it is an archive-based website, the de might actually begin to make more sense.

In terms of functionality, it is not a bad website overall, and the black background is sure soft on the eyes. I guess you could as well overlook the hassled site de to try and be positive about all the good quality sex stories availed for your enjoyment. Intriguing facts about be the site Well, I hope there are still some good imaginative people left out there whose minds are more than invested in creative re because kristen archieve people I know would rather jerk it off and be done with it from some random porn scene rather than read a goddamned sex story or like I call them masterpieces.

These include: Kristen's Board; this is some sort of a community space in which the site's users get to share their feelings on various stuff, including life. A brilliant idea for the loners like me so as not to feel too depressed or alone in this world. The Kristen Archives; here, you will find a special kristen archieve for the resident authors, site features, their favorite sex sites, among other things.

The actual drill here being that stories added to the favorite stories are actually the best stories of the site. Therefore for those in a rush to get there, they could as kristen archieve use this knowledge as a life hack.

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Sex stories, especially the ones on this archive have a way of drowning someone into the delightful world of fantasies, moving your minds and feelings all together in perfect harmony to deliver you into your desired ecstasy. And while it might be a little crazy that I manage to get off to characters I have neither seen nor met, I swear the descriptions can be pretty sexily awesome and smoldering. To the extent that the emotional connection between the individual le you to imagine that you were either of the parties; actively kissing, touching, and dancing into the rhythm of the stars.

While you might not actually believe this, once you are on a boner spree, stroking inherently, there is no stopping! The The Kristen Archives features a section, which I guess on a typical up to date site you would find on top of the homely or something. You will have to scroll down hard again and again well until you get to the category archives.

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Most especially site des from the 90s which make you feel like you are in pursuit of ancient knowledge here. Not a good thing I p and perhaps it would only be fair to have them moving with time. Tiresome scrolling; your fingers will probably be feeling worn out from all the scrolling you'll have to endure on this site; considering that there are no quite solid enough shortcuts to get you there ASAP! Also, we are in an era where audio stories are a thing, please! Nifty Stories. Lush Stories.

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