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Many women avoid watching porn because of the stigma that surrounds it.

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Name: Latrina
How old am I: 33
Nationality: Uruguayan
Who do I prefer: Male
Color of my hair: Black
What I like to drink: Lager
My hobbies: Blogging
I like tattoo: None

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It's an effective way to support the cause. Share this campaign. Elle Chase hasn't added a story. For the past 6 years LadyCheeky. LadyCheeky exists because all of you continue to visit, follow and enjoy it's content Because of your generous donations, the lawyer was able to remove one of the compaints from my record and is negotiating the second.

To repeat It has never been my intention to steal material or re-blog images or gifs against the wishes of its owners. In the past, when someone has asked to be taken off my site, I have done so immediately and with sincerest apologies. However, because of DMCA laws and Tumblr's own Terms of Service and ladycheeky tumblrTumblr's policy is to permanently take down any site that receives 3 complaints within an 18 month period.

To aid in the speedy resolution in any future complaints, a lawyer has been retained to communicate with all parties for amicable resolution. When a site is taken down from Tumblr it is permanently erased without any avenue for appeal.

Lady cheeky

If this happens to LadyCheeky, not only will it lose all its archives, but I will lose all the amazing Tumblr feeds I re-blog from, and all of the followers I've accrued and treasured over the last 6 years. In the spirit of complete transparency, LadyCheeky's first complaint was in error, and after contacting the complainant for resolution, they ed Tumblr twice asking for the grievence to be stricken from my Tumblr record to no avail, and without receiving a response from Tumblr at all.

Ladycheeky tumblr has since been cleared up and taken off my record. The second complaint happened in the last couple of months by a company I'd never heard of. As it stands, we are working with Tumblr and the second complainat to resolve the matter so it can be stricken from LadyCheeky's record.

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I have a top intellectual property and copyright law firm ready to deal directly with Tumblr on my behalf ladycheeky tumblr that we can do all we can, to keep LadyCheeky up and running. To keep the lawyer on retainer and active requires more money in the client I would be immeasurably grateful if you donated to the Lady Cheeky Legal Fund to help protect six years of dedication to sexual freedom and exploration, as well as my own inspiration and labor of love.

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To aid in this battle, funds need to kept in a legal client with the law firm. So, why is LadyCheeky in this situation at all? So, what can you do to help? Glad you asked! Thank you in advance for your generosity and good wishes. All my best, Elle Chase aka "Lady Cheeky" www. Highlights See all activity Show more. Updates Subscribe to receive updates by. Newest Oldest.

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