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Livejasmin old website.

And she, Ksyusha, suddenly began to clearly understand that this is not just a symbol, but a real male member who can enter her, can pour into her so much vital energy, so much bliss, for the sake of which she lives in this world. This phallus seemed to her pure, immaculate, it was not at all like what she saw in men who tried to seduce her. No, now before her was the masculine principle of the absolute, the ideal, in which there was not a drop of evil, dirt or impurity. A spasm passed through her body, she squeezed her legs tightly and leaned forward.

Then it seemed to her that a fire broke out inside her, something was expanding inside her, an explosion was to occur.

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But she did not remember the explosion. They are completely different, not like me. Mikhei thoughtfully lowered his eyes, then raised them and looked at Ksyusha. After all, how everything works out.

And in this world there are no accidents — he knew that for sure. Micah looked Ksyusha in the eyes, took two steps and was very close to her.

He slowly tilted his head and touched his lips to hers. This moment was beautiful. Ksyusha shuddered with her whole body and clung to Micah. Their lips merged, they eagerly sought each other.

Micah grabbed Ksyusha by the waist and gently stroked her. Mikhey ran his hands over her back, causing Ksyusha to bend all over, then put her hands on her buttocks and gently knead them, the girl pressed herself closer to him. Curly hair on her pubis tickled the already swollen head.

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Micah pulled one hand from her ass and pushed his dick towards him, while the back of his hand slid along the soft and elastic hair on her pubic, and with his fingertips he felt the warm moisture that livejasmin old website filled Ksyusha. And she, no longer holding back her desires, pushed his hand away with her left hand, and wrapped her right around her penis and began to gently caress him, moving the delicate skin back and forth and squeezing it slightly.

Micah such actions led to an even more excited state. He took Ksyusha by the shoulders and began to pull her to the ground. Ksyusha obediently lay down on the grass and spread her legs, bending them slightly at the knees, in her whole appearance portraying submissiveness and invitation. Micah bent over her and began to search for her lips with her lips, and Ksyusha caught his protruding penis and helped him find the entrance.

Livejasmin old website.

Micah made a movement with his pelvis and entered her, she screamed, a wave of pain burned her, but Micah did not notice this and continued his movements. Gradually, the pain was dulled and seemed to be mixed with the heat that was inside her. Her breathing became heavy, the same as that of Micah. Drops of sweat began to flow on their faces. The rhythm of movement began to remind Ksyusha that rhythm of the drum and the rhythm of singing from her memory, and a similar state of bliss with a hot wave began to capture her whole body.

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