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Lust doll plus guide, Lust doll plus guide baby picking male especially for love

There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun. If you've never played, do check it out!

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Log in with itch. Hey, so I defeated the giant flower in the forest park, and when I finally beat it by lust, using that kissing spellits portrait turned into one of the cat boys and Its ending choices was the same as the cat boys as well. So I'm stuck at New Ark City and I don't know what to do, I tried the guide used on lust doll but some parts are not there so I'm confused. So I had a character with a pussy, got the revenge scene with Lin Lin and now she's got a cock too. It was cool for a bit but I sort of want to get rid of the cock now Hey indvi I am a long time fan of your list doll series.

Name: Charmian
How old am I: 30
Nationality: Latvian
What is my sex: My gender is female
What I like to listen: Pop
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I've been wandering around aimlessly for ages now and I can't find a way out of New Ark City that doesn't involve a game over. If anyone has any information that I've been missing or a link to a walkthrough, please let me know. Should give you some ideas on what to do! Ive found the solution Talk more with the catgirl I beat her up so i dont know if it does a difference. I am stuck and I think my game bugged because Cassie never went to desert town how do I get there???

I'm so lost. I've done fawn not ready to domme, all 3 scenes completed rinny thought me cock growth and drain kiss and went do anything else pixie reminds me of the basement met Arlene that's all cassie is in her warehouse telling me to keep it hush, the dom is looking for her milk farm I found bell in the log done the bathhouse girl and happy massage.

I'm so stuck : help! I haven't gotten to the dessert or upper new ark.

Is there a help for plus? I noticed there's no mention of bell on the wiki either :S. Mabye soon enough, when Indivi has basicaly gotten out of the pre development stage into the main development stage. Does someone know how to open the gate to masters manor?

I have been searching for half an hour already and I have not idea what to do. I need help passing the domme thing with fawn how do I beat the tied up one I've tried a lot of combinations but nothing works ok actually I just need to know how do I become fawns domme. The Safeword will likely be implemented in a future update, the only time you can use your safeword is when doing fawn's route in the orginal LD. Can someone help me with the parasite antidote. I've been wandering arround the park cave for the pitcher plantfor about half an hour, and I cant find it.

Am i being stupid? Keep looking! Log in Register.

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Lust Doll community. Help please? BlueLionVLD 2 years ago. FuturPlanet 1 year ago.

Lust doll plus [r][indivi]

Frisk Dreemurr 1 year ago. Can someone tell me how to get lust please? BlueLionVLD 1 year ago. Badass lust guy 1 year ago. Rose Wilson 1 year ago 1 edit. To get past the cow, wear the Cow set. CxnDyXDrxps 1 year ago. Polls 1 year ago.

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Kazuya Akiama 1 year ago. So cassie left the safe houe. Did you check the top left Building in the town?

Kaibently 1 year ago. Question from me : Do you want to know how to get 2 endings?

I don't think I've unlocked the dessert yet, how do you do it? Uh oh. Brownstick 1 year ago. Badass lust guy 1 year ago 1 edit. Big struggle, rest, big struggle, small struggle. I don't think the option to be a dom is avalable yet.

I just realized what u were talking about witch test do u need help on.

I can't talk to Cassidy. Is this a glitch, or am i missing something?

Can someone help me with the cow farm and the alieans? I don't know what to do. Not that sure much, bud, i never even got the alien ending. Log in to reply the discussion.

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