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Lust doll plus, I liked picking chica lust doll plus loves humiliation

Into feet, but not BDSM? Where other games start you with a character creator and ask you to choose between hairstyles and eye colors, Lust Doll gives you a menu of fetishes and turn-ons, letting you pick through and define how your game will progress. The idea here is that you can swap out and fiddle with just about everything else in games, especially RPGs, why not fetishes?

dirty madam Emily

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There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

Name: Thia
Years old: I'm 24 years old
Color of my iris: I’ve got cold dark eyes
My sex: I'm lady
My figure type: My body features is quite skinny
I prefer to listen: Pop

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There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun. If you've never played, do check it out! You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body can be changed over the course of the game. One big thing that the original game lacked is the ability to specifically equip things to your genitalia. So, if for example, you want to go through the game with a giant, vibrating dildo up your butt, that'll definitely be a thing you can do.

You'll also be able to control much of the content you see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don't want to see a particular kink, then you can do that. Admittedly, the original game tilted heavily towards female partners and subbe content. This time around, I'll be making things more equal, so that those that enjoy male partners and domme content will have vastly more to experience.

Strength - How strong you are. Influences weapon damage and lust doll plus requiring lots of power. Nimble - How good you are at doing intricate actions, such as dancing, picking locks, escaping binds. Body - How much punishment your body can shake off, your ability to enter poisonous environments, how quickly you fold under torture.

Speech - How good you are at understanding others and convincing them towards your point of view. Knowledge - How much intellect you have, which can allow you to interpret or figure out something that you've never seen before. Senses - How good you are at seeing hidden things, such as secret passages, places that you can climb up, traps, hidden people. Each of these stats grow the more that you use them. They can also be affected by your current states. For example, if you're drunk, your senses and nimbleness might drop ificantly, but your speech and erotic might get a nice boost.

Log in with itch. Hey indivi I found a bug when with fawn in private dungeon as subbe; the text for choosing whether she wears a certain piece of cloth does not respond to the same button being pressed, but the button above. The first few are bound good, but from the gloves on downwards until the lust doll plus on the list it is midbound. The nurse duo gets some love!

Lust doll plus [rb] [indivi]

Not sure who Cless is though. Didn't see anything about adding to the infected parasite route though Curious to see what holding hands with Marin would be like, given her passive-aggressive mentality.

Are you intending to have the PC hold hands with her somewhere down the line? I know, it's scandalous, but everyone that I've been able to hold hands with has been great! Base unarmed damage is 1 point per 10 strength so at strength the basic fists weapon would deal 10 damage. Each unarmed weapon increased the amount of damage done per 10 strength with the exception of the basic fist weapon:.

Fighting spirit - Talk to an NPC with at least one of each unarmed weapon except a fighting spirit. For some reason game is loading pregnant versions of clothes even when i'm not pregnant i guess that preg mean pregnant verion. I had to change two files i hope that is not a problem?

Are there any plans to add Futa NPCs in the future? I would like to explore the pregnancy stuff but I am not interested in the male NPCs admittedly.

Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times already. There's no naturally futa NPCs yet, but you can learn the cock growth spell from Rinny, which will open up turning certain NPCs into futas temporarily! I have never managed to learn that, thanks for letting me know, and the certain NPCs you can temporarily transform have a chance to knock the PC up? Even if not Thanks for your reply, I gonna start a new game right now, seems as if I missed out on quite?

Thanks, that is really good to know and means I don't have to rush things, now that I know what I am looking for. Hey Indivi, pussy varieties in logs are great, but what about male genitals? All of them except horse cock looking bad :b.

Lust doll plus [r][indivi]

Hi, I found a bug where the save menu doesn't stay open sometimes and closes by itself or just saves by itself then closes. Also I was wondering how long the fertility pill timer takes to wear off, mine won't go? The game is solid, I just play checking out the updates now, I like the patches. That should be fixed in next release!

Fertility pill timer works off steps taken in game, but can be fast forward through sleep! And thanks, happy to hear! Right now, just ankle stocks if you have foot kink enabled. Working on pillory stocks too, plus others later!

Lust doll plus [rb]

I probably won't do skyscraper sized girls, but ones that are ificantly bigger than the player, sure. All I can really suggest is reboot the system, clear up space on it, reinstall the game, make sure nothing's running in the background when you're playing. Otherwise, it just might not run on your phone unfortunately. I'd like to see a full walkthrough for the current build of the game.

I'm currently stuck on Cassie's quest. I need to find allies but can't seem to find any in any part of New Arc. All that said, though the game is well built, I think it might be a little too dark for me.

It's surprisingly hard to sleep at night when I'm worried about the fictional characters in a lewd game. And as a result, I keep winding up more worried than aroused Okay: I managed to find a thankfully very brief and straightforward walkthrough. After completing the very next step of the quest that way, I managed the rest of it without need for the walkthrough.

I'll probably reply to this with a full review later in hopes that lust doll plus criticism may help future updates. I'm actually doing a full guide for backers! Surprised you think it's dark but I suppose there's certain parts that can feel pretty grim.

There's also plenty of lighthearted stuff to offset it so keep an eye out for that! You need to complete her route! To start it, visit the slums and force pass the toll guy, then sleep and return to the slums! If you can't find it, make sure you can see hidden folders.

Then go inside the folder "Default". Look for the files "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal". Delete these two files. How does one progress the infested science tower?

Lust doll plus

Is there a way to edit the savefile to roll this event back with out having to restart. I think you've completed it as far as you can at the moment. If you go to deserted base, it should show that the next part isn't ready yet. Thats odd, since i never encountered the boss on the top floor and returning to the deserted base does nothing, except i now seem to have access the parasite core room.

You're supposed to get into the elevator at the top, and fight a boss lust doll plus in there. If that's not triggering, then something is screwed up with your save file. If you have RPG maker mv, you can try opening up the game and figuring out what switches you need to reset. Maybe stick them in a sci-fi fast growth chamber, and then have them as customizable party members?

Sounds like a fun idea, but unlikely due to how much work it would involve, as well as implications of potential incest which unfortunately is illegal and would get the game in trouble! Apparently there are no textures for "preg-thicc" lower underwear because every time i change it there is an error. Right now, they're available through certain bad ends. Still working on being able to bring them around with you!

I love that so many people are just permanently wearing ropes XD I mean, bugs are bad and all, but it shows how many people are using that feature XD. If I remember it correctly, get a massage, then you will get told that she can help you for 20? Heya indivi i love your workand here is my quetion i dont know how many people have been asking this Do you plan to add animations to the game later on. Thank you, and I'm afraid not!