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Gerry Duncan [ Gerry Dee ] After years of 'subbing', Gerry finally gets a 'real' teaching position at one of the city's most prestigious private schools. Bill [ Darrin Rose ] Still living with Gerry and still tending bar at Barrels, on the surface Bill is carefree, irresponsible and doesn't appear to take life too seriously.

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D is the story of an under-qualified teacher faking his way in a teaching job. After years of subbing, Gerry finally gets a real teaching position at the city's most prestigious private school. The thing is that the school has no openings for a gym teacher.

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D is a Canadian television series starring comedian Gerry Dee. The series follows the misadventures of an underqualified schoolteacher named Gerry Duncan, nicknamed Mr. On December 11,Mr. Creator, writer, executive producer and star Gerry Dee based Mr. D on his ten years teaching physical education in high school before he left for a career in stand-up comedy in D was renewed for a third season on April 3,and for a fourth season on April 4, For the fourth season, CBC included the series in a production deal with City.

D and City's new sitcom Young Drunk Punk will each air on their own originating network in the winter of the —15 television season, then swap networks for a second run in the fall of the —16 season. CBC announced that Mr. D had been renewed for a fifth season in a press release dated March 4, D" had been renewed for a sixth season in a press release. On April 6, Dee confirmed the show had been renewed for a seventh season. On March 11, the show was renewed for an eighth season. Dee confirmed this would be the show's last.

Cast members

Gerry tries to make a good impression when a member of the school board is sent to evaluate his teaching abilities. Robert tries to become more aggressive. Gerry organizes an overnight class trip to Boston where he plans to sneak off and go to a basketball game with Bill.

However, his plans are put in jeopardy when Robert decides to be a chaperone. When Mr. D has only one opportunity to meet Paul Henderson and have his priceless Team Canada jersey ed, he won't let Xavier Academy's parent-teacher night get in the way.

Gerry decides to "help" Bobbi with her girls' self-defence class, but feels emasculated when she physically dominates him. Lisa's lunch causes an uproar in the teachers' lounge, while Leung has mysterious packages delivered to reception.

Gerry becomes unexpectedly embroiled in the school's student-council election and is forced to seek the help of an old foe. Gerry bumps into an old fling and her daughter and becomes convinced he's met the child he never knew he had.

Robert prepares for his chess club's year reunion. Gerry's star player is being scouted by Syracuse University, and Gerry wants to come along as part of a package deal. When Gerry learns that former Olympic champion Donovan Bailey is coming to town, he's determined to seek retribution for a long-standing bone he has with the track "star".

When Gerry isn't given a full-time contract for the following year, he makes a bold move that may change the course of his career. Meanwhile, Lisa attempts in vain to show her appreciation to the staff, and Robert and Bobbi plan for a major shift in the physical education department. Gerry is in a compromising situation after the teacher auction; Emma enlists Dwyer to do repairs in the library; Trudy gets a surprise visit.

After a near life-and-death experience, Gerry doesn't believe the staff care if he's in mortal peril, so he stages a threat against him prompting Robert to rehire Ron as his security guard. Nisha once again intervenes in advice to Dwyer to break up with Donna, which Nisha fears that her life is in danger when Donna breaks out of prison and comes for Nisha.

Frank starts to irritate Dave, the Economics Teacher. Bobbi and Robert's wedding day is approaching, which Gerry looks into online dating for his plus Bill gives Gerry advice to go online and find a date. After speaking to Trudy, Gerry checks his spam mail and reaches out a Klaudia from Poland. Nisha is depressed that Simon hasn't proposed, so she takes advice seeing Bobbi proposed to Robert, so she asks Simon's mom for her blessing to marry Simon.

Nisha finds out that Simon's mom ran off with him, which Simon attempts to reach out to her leaving it unknown whether they tied the not over an iPad. Nisha, depressed that another year is ending, tries to find methods to transform her emotional pain letting go her emotional attachment with students all year before the summer break and the departing graduate class.

In the process, Nisha uses a gong after stopping in her hearing from using a gong to help ease her nerves. Lisa feeling dejected being overqualified as a guidance counselor agrees to accompany Brandon to the University where she graduated to help him cope with his anxiety only to get a lucrative offer for a professor position based on her credentials.

Lisa finds true love with a former classmate allowing her to finally find happiness after having the roughest years of her life after ing Xavier prompting her to re.

Gerry seeks to do it better than the principals before him. His contribution is that he believes he no longer needs his Bachelor of Education now that he's principal, so he throws it in the dumpster.

Along the way, students and staff contribute to the time capsule, which revisits gags from episodes. Eventually, Gerry has the students digging up Xavier's grounds to bury the time capsule dumpster, only to stumble upon human bones prompting the local authorities to shut the school down indefinitely.

The first episode of the show was watched by 1. On October 31,Gerry Dee and Mr. Dee revealed the initial contact with Will Arnett came from a friend of a friend who went to school with Arnett. He stated that there had been small interest from American television in the past, but this was the first serious proposal to get an American version of the show up.

Dee and Volpe originally pitched the show as an American reboot with Dee reprising his role. However, CBS was looking to use the show as a vehicle for an American star with Dee and Volpe getting executive producer credits. Veteran comedic actor Tom Arnold had been ed to the title role.

CBS also mentioned hiring Tom Hertz as showrunner. While Dee understands a show about his life as a teacher before he became a comedian will be adapted to suit American audiences, with changes including a multi-camera American sitcom system rather than the single camera Canadian system, he hopes the American version will retain Mr.

D's mix of character humour, physical comedy and authenticity, along with its use of talented young actors for students instead of year-olds playing teenagers. This article is about the Canadian sitcom television series. For the Australian criminal, see Dennis Allen criminal.

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A green cell indicates the actor as a main cast member. A red cell indicates the actor as a recurring cast member. A blue cell indicates the actor as guest cast member.

A grey cell indicates the actor has not participated in the respective season. CBC News. CBC news.

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