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My little pony furry, I looking my little pony furry lady that loves hush

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Name: Eustacia
Years: 27
Where am I from: Canadian
Available for: Man
Gender: Lady
My hair: Abundant white hair
What is my figure type: My body type is quite athletic
What is my hobbies: I like blogging
Piercing: I like my belly button piercing
Smoker: Yes

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In fact from what I've seen a lot of Bronies don't want anything to do with furries. I'm both personally, but one isn't indicative of the other.

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Furries like anthro in general, and bronies like one cartoon in particular. It's like asking if Disney fans are furries because they like movies with talking animals. Being a brony just means you like MLPFiM; furry is something similar in manner, but different nonetheless. That just proves you're an egghead. That proof seems a little squished to me. I think you want something more like this:. While the ponies of MLP are technically anthropomorphic and thusly furry, you aren't a furry unless you want to be and start calling yourself one.

It's hard to say if there's much overlap between being a brony and being a furry. I'd have to double check that stat on herdcensus. Ok thank you. I am a Brony, but I'm not that big into furrys. What is your definition of Furry? It's all relative I mean I like MLP but I don't really identify myself as a Brony but according to some people's definitions I am and according to some people's definitions I might be a furry for liking it. Like I said it's all relative and can change depending on whose perspective. I identify myself as a Brony, and I don't even watch the show!

What you're talking about is communities. Those are separate communities. You canparticipate, and leave communities as you wish. It gets as granular as you want.

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In the Furry Fandom only a small percent of the population identifies as Bronies also even though MLP artwork and items are easily found for sale in the dealers and artists room. We had 2, people attend the con this year and I belive only around people showed up for the Pannel.

Even though both Fandoms are based on and celebrate animals with Human characteristics. Btw not all Furries fursonas are anthropomorphic. I know that you are quite busy with all of your pro-this and anti-that propaganda, but I would humbly ask you to take time out of your busy day to consider a thing that I want.

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First, let me say that I have always been a fan of your seemingly endless creativity and resources. If anybody can make this thing happen, I know it's you. Having said this, let's get down to the nitty-gritty: namely, that thing I want. They say that we stand on the shoulders of giants, in order to acheive greater greatness than that which was great before. I want you to do the same. I want for you to make me an internets video. Perhaps this internets video may also be "one of the greatest videos of all time" Sorry, Taylor. It was pretty good, I guess. But it may have been ahead of it's time.

Because, some years later, Beyonce stood on Gwen Vernon's shoulders in her super-duper internets, "Single Ladies", and created "one of the greatest videos of all time" Again Sorry, Taylor. While many have since tried in vein to stand on the shoulders of the Queen B and reach for that greater greatness.

Where others have failed, I would like you, my dear The Internets, to succeed.

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While I want this to be a real thing, I cannot have anything to do with it. Afterall, I am a for-serious science computer businessman guy with I do want this thing. I want to see this thing and laugh at it. Sidenote: If you are a brony, I would like to take a moment to appologize for any future ridicule derived from even the idea of such an Internets that could create such a thing Let alone the actuality of such a thing.

Does being a brony make you a furry?

All I want to do is watch it on YouTube and laugh, from time to time. Please accept my appology in advance; in a very real, and legally binding sence. I'm sure bronies are real people, with real feelings, and real hooves and unicorn horns Accept for those last things. But the point is this How did we come to this? Though, really, just comedically I think I can see a clear path in my mind from the savage to bronies. Now, I don't want to micro-manage your efforts, so take the following suggestions with a grain of salt I see it following the same or similar setting and coreography of Single Ladies.

However, the Single Bronies are in full-on brony gear.

My little pony plush

Think dancing, prancing bronies. You get the picture. The dificult part here is that bronies already have a not-so-subtle gay or fetish undertone, in spite of what them thar bronies want. That is to say, bronies want to acknowlege the purity of awesomeness that is My Little Pony, without the assumption that they are gay. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how such an internets video could help with this confusion. I can't see any reasonable path were this internets could deliver a pure love for My Little Pony, without extensively exploiting that sentiment.

The lyrics are simply too female centric.

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Notwithstanding all of the social, political, and moral issues that may be enflamed by such an internets video I still wants it And I kind of feel bad about that. Being the selfless guy that I am. I offer this internets gem out to you, free from royalty or stipulation. Outside of what can be tracked down on The Internets as conjecture or heresay, I would rather not have any kind of credit associated with this idea.

I officially and publically wash my hands of its genesis or rights therin. And so, The Internets, if you could find it deep in your series of tubes to bring forth this thing that I want, then I would be at-least temporarily amused.

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It kinda does. Furries do like cartoonish animal characters, and ponies are cartoonish animal characters.

Learning about Friendship. Does being a Brony make you a furry? Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. Shining Armor.

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You can be both though, and I'm sure many people are. Twilight Sparkle. Continue this thread.

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