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If she decides to meet with Daile, this event will block other overlapping events Added slave outfit - Boss will unlock it for Casey on the next day after she give him her own porn record made with Coach on the beach Casey at gator party scene has now slight variations for a assistant outfit; b slave outfit; c black stockings; d slave boots.

Hey I love your work I use be support panthea leave2gether I stop but still a big fan :D but is there something wrong with the game because it keeps telling me you flash which I did the one you told us to download and nothing changed.

Pretty fun overall but the recent axe in Flash support has lead to some issues overall, can't boot it up now and all that. Might be having some issues with the newgrounds player and wonder if we could get an official download of this version for use sometime.

Ok I'm going to be completely honest, and I don't give two shits if I get bashed by the creator or retarded fanboys. This is a fucking joke Like everyone else has already stated; this game is WAY too grindy for so little reward. The worst part about all this is, I remember a time when this game was so much more fun and enjoyable.

Now it's become a goddamn looooong grind into nowhere for absolutely nothing. While the art style looks good, the sex scenes aren't worth the time spent to get them.

You'll spend hours after hours just to finally get to a new sex scene or progress story. Read the past reviews for more information, as I'm too lazy to even bother with this game. The fact that this developer has made thousands of dollars off of people, and has the absolute balls to release this shit is insulting, and very degrading.

Go ahead, call me rude. I don't care, just like this developer doesn't care about their game. Do yourself dear user reading this a favor, and don't waste you're time with this sack of shit game. And people donating money, for the love of god! Stop spending your hard earned money to this dipshit, he doesn't deserve it! He's been scamming everyone out since day one, just like every other lazy developer. Oh, and Leave2gether, before you reply to my comment with your bullshit like you did that one reviewer calling them a rude bastard.

Panthea - leave2gether v31 (33)

I strongly suggest you take a much better look in the fucking mirror. Your game sucks! End of story! These games are gold that deserve people's attention, because the people who made them along with other glorious works put actual effort and time into them. But this game on other hand is the developer shitting out a diarrhea statue and painting it yellow to make it panthea leave2gether like gold, and then acting like people should give you more and more money. And when people like me call you out of your shit, you get pissy and act like you didn't rip people off with false promises.

I'm done. I'm not going to waste anymore time with this joke of a situation. You should've listen to your fans, and of course obviously you didn't and won't anytime soon I'm done, I'm not going to waste anymore time on some scammer who doesn't give two shit's about their audience, and the people reading this awful review of mine should be too. Seriously, please don't play this game!

You'll waste so much time and regret it afterwards! Please cancel any Patreon donation you have, and please don't make one!

Is the art style consistent or is it still random? Just want to know before I spend hrs on it. Thanks for the he up. Panthea - leave2gether v31 33 Share Collapse.

Author comments

Author Comments. What's new in this version: "Fall of Casey" set of stories in Lana having nightmares - before that Casey need to share Nikki's record from gator party to Lana Now Casey can Lana in shower need panthea leave2gether resolve Lana's nightmare event AND need Casey be completely naked no blouse, no panties Simplified conditions for meeting Daile - now Casey can send him a message almost every day. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer ! Sort By: Date Score. And with that I'm leaving Views 88, Faves: Votes Score 2.

Tags furry girls leave2gether sex smut.

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