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The Plantation Quest is a non-essential large scale mission upon Mhen'ga. It relates to Thare Plantation and the larger future of the planet. There are several outcomes that Steele can work towards. In order to activate the quest, Steele must have had a meal with Shep Darnock and exhausted all of his talk options. If this is the case, after the Tarkus Tether Crisis has been resolved they will receive an from the professor less than a day later, requesting their help.

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Plantation quest

Quinn is the chieftain of the zil tribe which, at the behest of RK Lahdeclares war on Shep Darnock 's plantation. Unusually placid and calculating for a zil, she has used the ausar 's words to cement her position as unquestioned leader of her people.

As part of the Plantation QuestCaptain Steele can encounter her in the village above the great waterfall in the Mhen'gan jungle. From the top of her striped fuzzy hair to the tip of her black boots, the female zil who calls herself Quinn is about 5'8". She is a bit taller than the zil average, as well as more svelte - underneath the sheer armor of her chest her breasts look to be maybe C cups, and the slimness of her thighs make her gleaming, armored legs look long and rather strict. Still, the presence of a tear-shaped abdomen and complete absence of clothes means she doesn't stand out much from her fellows in purely physical terms.

It's the sense of control, the sedateness and the manner of someone used to getting their own way which do that. Her pale, yellow face is quite round, with arching black eyebrows above her striking, golden-irised eyes; the smiles or frowns that appear on her mouth seem to touch only the barest corners of it.

Plantation quest

Her frizzy chestnut-and-platinum blonde hair falls freely down to the small of her back, pierced by the two bobbing antennae that all zil share. You'd readily assume, going off the rest of her, that underneath that implacable armor Quinn is just as stickily and headily zil as the rest of her female subjects; she certainly doesn't display it outwardly, though. Quinn was the daughter of the chieftain of the Great Western Rift, and was given as a gift to the waterfall tribe's old leader to seal a truce.

After he died Quinn defeated all other applicants to the throne, either through persuasion or personal combat. Some time after the U. They were infuriated by this, but only began to take action after the fugitive RK Lah found his way to them. Mistaking the zil chieftain for an insectile matriarch, Lah described her as 'Queen', a term she eagerly adopted. This in turn caused Shep Darnock to hire Captain Steele in order to neutralize them and re-capture Lah. Although entirely wedded to zil traditions, Quinn is a calm and honorable individual, and will carefully consider appropriately-presented arguments before acting.

The only thing which seems to seriously anger her is theft.

Quinn is first met when Steele defeats the waterfall gauntlet in the Plantation Quest. She demands Steele to submit to her will - or face the consequences. Steele can negotiate with Quinn if they successfully challenge Lah. The right options have to be chosen in order to get her to call off the attacks on the plantation - Able has some hints.

If Steele submits or successfully negotiates, they can talk to her about HerselfEsbeth and Naleen. These have slightly different flavours depending on what path Steele took. If Steele successfully allies with Quinn, she will interrupt and demand sex with them during their first talk scene.

Steele can then access the following the scenes with her whenever. Quinn is the final boss of the Plantation Quest dungeon - although you never actually fight her.

From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. Quinn Quinn's bust, by Adjatha.

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Quinn's bust, by Adjatha.