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Name: Dotty
Age: I am 42
Ethnic: Ukranian
Sign of the zodiac: Scorpio
What is my figure features: My body type is quite strong
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
Music: Rap

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Is there anything fucking hotter than watching a dirty bitch make herself cum? Overmembers Can I ask an obvious question: why are the s on this subreddit so low? I ask because the content is so universally sexy, that Reddit. While nearlymembers for a subreddit that has been around for a little over half a decade is nothing to scoff at, this subreddit consists of GIFs featuring mainly hot amateurs masturbating and on the cusps of orgasming.

Whether you hate vanilla porn and only want the kinkiest shit or you prefer your pornography to be tamer, this subreddit should be one of the default subs that every pervert subscribes to when they open a new on Reddit. During this review, it appeared that a few hundred people were lurking on the subreddit at any given time.

The s fluctuated between — members online to be exact, though those s likely rise and fall during the time of the day you visit.

Still, with so many people watching and browsing this subreddit as they consume the amazing GIFs that it has to offer, you have to wonder again why these s are not larger. Sure, it has larger s than the more obscure, themed subreddits that are limited due to their very nature, but this is a subreddit featuring women masturbating!

Give it time, and more people will realize the magnificence of this subreddit! A subreddit showing beautiful women masturbating Like, come the fuck on you horny mother fuckers: do I have to sell this subreddit anymore than that? Do I really need to say anything else to entice you to visit? Sure, you may come across an image or gallery here and there, but the vast majority of the content are GIFs that show the final moments of r getting herself off hot slut before she cums, squirts, or whatever it is the sexy bitch does when she has an orgasm.

The content must clearly show the piece of ass moments before she cums. These are women who wanted nothing more than to cum at that moment in the GIF you are watching — and it makes the content all the more erotic. And while you can undoubtedly see professional porn stars that you know and love do this on Reddit. While a lot of these amateurs do come across as the semi-pro amateurs, you might find in member-ed videos on a free tube site like PornHub.

It does not take away from the impact these GIFs will have on you.


Each piece of content is like watching one giant-ass long compilation video of women about to cum — except all the content can be found in one place! No matter how you choose to sort content on Reddit.

You rarely find a subreddit that has must-see content no matter which way you sort it. And while the hottest content of the week probably surpasses that hot pussy GIF that was posted a few minutes ago on Reddit. Same Reddit you love Do you know what I fucking love about Reddit? Once you know how to fucking use it, you already know how to use the rest of the millions of subreddits the platform has to offer. The same goes for this one: if you can use Reddit, you can use Reddit.

The sorting options are the same as they have always been. Users can sort between new, hot, top, and rising. Moreover, there are filtering options that can be applied like everywhere else. When sorting by rising, users can filter content by now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, and all time. No close-ups?

Gettingherselfoff review

I hypothesize that this rule is in place, so the content can show the rest of the body squirming and pulsating as the female is on the verge of cumming. Why not allow both types of submissions so the upvotes can decide which content the community prefers more?

Suggestions: Reddit. It also features some of the sexiest GIFs that have ever graced the social platform, making this subreddit a must-subscribe for those that are looking for a new NSFW subreddit to subscribe to.

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