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Name: Melva
Years: 21
Orientation: Hetero
Tone of my eyes: Soft hazel
Body features: My figure features is strong
Smoker: No

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Complicating this was the fact that during that time dating apps became the dominant mode of meeting up. It took a few days of bots and conversations that started promising but went nowhere before I matched with Nina.

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She was a senior at the local college, pretty and short and curvy with a shock of curly hair that was dyed a couple different colors. Her nose was pierced and she had a few visible tattoos. ».

Reddit gonewild stories

So after a night of fucking I came in my girlfriends mouth, getting some on her lips. She went for a kiss and I went with it, getting my cum on my lips and tongue which turned me on so much. Now I incorporate moves to taste my cock more, licking my hand after masturbation, going down on her creampied pussy, and having her share a mouth load if cum.

Part two of my experiences with the girl from Canada.

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Part one is in my profile. T had a great body, a little on the thicker side which I love she had some solid C or D cup tits with perfect nipples, nice thick thighs and a fantastic ass.

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All this coupled with medium to long length dark brown hair, pretty eyes and a soft set of lips and soft smile. I recently left this company so I feel like I can finally tell the story!

Your data. your experience.

One weekend my girlfriend and I were doing some DIY when we realised we needed a socket set. I knew we had one it the store room at work so I suggested we head to the office and pick it up. En route I nervously brought up my fantasy, she just grinned and said go on then… We headed straight to my desk, she got her news and crawled under the table then pulled my shorts down. I was so nervous someone would walk in even thought it was a weekend, still it was one of the best sucks of my life. She was even naughty enough to let me film it! I wonder what we will get up to at my new office?

So one night we decided to have a bit of fun. We goof around for a bit playing games and drinking, when suddenly the mood changes. She straddles me and pulls this rose gold chain from her bra and hooks it on to the d-ring on my collar. She pulls me up and we make out…HARD. Yesterday, I tried something I had only fantasized about.

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I thought he would judge me and say that I was weird, but he thought it was hot too! We met yesterday evening, and I was actually tired. Usually I give him a blowjob and I make him something to eat when I go there in the evening.

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I told him that I wanted to take a nap for about an hour, then we could do whatever he wanted. I was so wet. I immediately understood what he was doing. While I have been writing about sexual history with old relationships, my husband said i was welcome to throw in stories from our relationship as well.


This is a few years into our relationship while on a couples trip to Chicago. My husband and I dated for three years before getting engaged. They are still close friends of ours and as I write this we have plans to bbq at one of their pools this Saturday. The married couple already acted as such and were closer friends at the time.

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The other unmarried couple were close friends but this was our first trip with them and we questioned how we would feel after the trip was over. I love it when a guy made me his living cocksleeve for a day.

R/gonewildstories is this generation’s “dear penthouse.”

I left my front door unlocked Friday night so that he could let himself in in the morning and start my 24 hours as a cocksleeve. After releasing his first load of the day inside my pussy he got up with his cock sheathed balls deep in my tight pussy. With every step I could feel tip push against my cervixtrying to get even deeper and making me feel like I was going to break. Throughout the day he continued to pump me full of his hot cum and even his piss, we never discussed this and at first I was a bit grossed out but the more I felt it filling me the more it turned me on.

At the end of the day we went to bed and after what I thought would be the a final load fell asleep whilst I was still impaled on his cock. The next morning I woke up to feeling extremely full and looking down I saw that the guy had continued cumming and pissing inside me throughput the night before finally removing his cock and shoving a big plug in to stop any of it from leaking out. As I got up I swear I could feel it sloshing around inside me whenever I moved and it turned me r gone wild stories so much I kept the plug in for the whole day before removing it and letting everything pour out of my used pussy before I went to bed.

I totally understand, which is why I tagged my post as such.

Reddit gonewild stories

Sarah was over a bit early before lunch, she said she had some work to do before we fooled around. She had on her thick-rimmed glasses that she always wore at work to look more professional.

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She wore a yellow cardigan over a striped, low-cut top and wore black jeggings disguised as black work pants. She said she might run into the office, so she was dressed to impress them and not-so-much me. But when she was digging in her backpack to set up her computer I got a look at her ass in those jeggings and god damn was she fit.

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She set herself up on the living room couch and I took the chaise a few feet away from her. Out of habit, I check my to see the usual spam alongside an from lovehoney stating they had a sale on, safe to say at this moment the evenings boredom ended and I had found something to keep me entertained.

Despite my wife and I having been together over 10 years, i had never delved into the world of buying her underwear, for fear of getting it wrong, or being seen as a cliche. A couple of hours and many clicks later, this had changed.

Nope, not here

A week of waiting for the postpersons knock on the door followed trying desperately not to tell my wife what I had donebefore finally getting back from a day trip to see my parcel had been returned to the sorting office awaiting my collection which was now closed until the next day. Turned on by cheating, infidelity, cuckquean stuff?

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A week ago I was bored, whilst my wife was at work, looking for something to peak my interest. 1 … 3, Older posts.