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R gonewildtube, I am r gonewildtube up girl that wants experiment

When you think of the best porn that money has to buy what do you think of? Probably some of that high-quality professional studio type shit that you can see on many of the premium porn sites out there.

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Before amateur porn was all the rage, horny exhibitionists created one of its most popular and free spaces online. Reddit is the sixth most popular website in the U. With nearly three million subscribers who bombard it with 2. There is, to the knowledge of Gonewild experts and mods, almost no other place on the internet you can interact with naked ladies who actually want to talk to you, for free, on this sort of scale. But, lest you think Gonewild is some sort of utopia, like r gonewildtube subreddits and porn platforms, it too has a dark side. Its lack of diversity factors in.

Mods say that anyone over 18 can post there — as is the case in most large NSFW subs on Reddit — but the majority of the bodies that hit the home are slim, cisgendered white women. Its cold protocol toward sex workers and other online sellers reinforces this perception, and has created a fair amount of tension between moderators and banned users who are often left wondering if the way they chose to make money revokes their privilege to be desired.

Still, the story of Gonewild itself pales in comparison to the experiences lived by the people who post, comment and battle against it. Hidden beneath its facade of luscious breasticles, there are stories of love, identity, discovery, betrayal, desire and power to r gonewildtube told, far beyond the pd scope of an exhibitionist fan. Geoffery Celen, porn expert and founder of porn ranking site ThePornDude.

For one thing, reality porn was really taking off. Instead of the silicone-inflated Barbies of the s, we saw a lot of girl-next-door types getting banged on camera. The video aesthetics switched from tripod shots under bright white porno lights to handheld cameras in conditions meant to look more natural.

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You got a pseudo-amateur vibe even in movies from big studios like Reality Kings. At the same time, the whole world found themselves with cameras in their pocket and above their laptop screens. The look-at-me culture of social media was kicking off with sites like Myspace.

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People were bound to start taking pictures of their junk, and the emergence of reality porn helped set the stage by giving masturbators a more realistic model to emulate. Emily van der NagelGonewild researcher and lecturer of social media communications and media studies at Monash University in Australia: Gonewild was one of the first NSFW subreddits.

They said it was meant to be more like the B-board on 4chan — anything goes.

Within a month, the subreddit was almost entirely porn. Gonewild appeared not long after that. What better way to stand out than by using a form of a brand name everyone knows? We know that Girls Gone Wild started in as a VHS empire, basically of American men going to college parties and spring break and trying to entice young women to show them their breasts.

Gonewild captures the same spirit of fun exhibitionism. The appeal, of course, was that those women were posting those pictures not as professional porn performers, but as everyday girls — they were the girls next door showing their titties. That r gonewildtube it very different from amateur porn.


Gaby Dunnbest-selling author and writer who reported extensively on Gonewild for the Daily Dot in Gonewild is sort of a brighter, gentler and more connected side to amateur porn. The followers really enforce that. We want it to be a real person who has a personality and has a life and could be our barista, could be a dental assistant, could be a lawyer. Bslinton, big-time Gonewild fan and nightly commenter: Women who are obviously models are unattainable for a guy like me, so why would I waste my time on them?

I like looking at the women I feel I could date. As foreplay, we would sometimes watch porn together, and Gonewild soon became part of that variety. One day, his dare to me was to make a post of myself on Gonewild. I was admittedly nervous about it, but as long as he was having fun r gonewildtube it and it was something he wanted, I was willing to go along with it. I would also feel the need to come up with more content on an almost daily basis, which would require more work.

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With Gonewild, I can post what I want, when I want, and if people like it, great! If not, so be it. I feel no pressure, and it remains exciting and fun for me. Life as a grad student can be incredibly demoralizing and stressful, so I needed an outlet that would help me let off some steam.

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Even with that, I kept my business separate. It felt wrong to sully the spirit of what Gonewild was trying to achieve. I could just go to a strip bar if I needed to pay for the look and get some lap dances to get a feel along with the look.

I feel the same about porn.

Dunn: As I discovered, the whole thing is really about the magic of female horniness. At least when I was reporting on it, the men who commented were so emboldened, delighted and validated by the notion that women were also pervs. It exists!

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Girl-Next-Door: Part of the fun for me is being interactive with everyone. I enjoy the clever comments because it allows me to be creative and clever back. Effort shows and I do my best to rewardingly respond to those. Celen: Gonewild was ahead of the curve with their user-fan interaction model. Dunn: It really ushered in this model of having free access to the people you jerk off to. You can comment directly on their photos and have a back-and-forth with them. Bslinton: I hope r gonewildtube what I say will lift them up or maybe even get them to start a conversation.

You can say something sexually specific without fear of being locked up for sexual harassment. I think what people are doing when they make specific subreddits like Gonewild is doing the work of creating a defined space with a specific purpose.

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One evening, I was relaxing at home. She was delightfully proportioned and highly skilled in the art of nude selfies. Her mesmerizing tattoos and clever caption appealed to the best of redditor stereotypes, and the hive mind went wild.

At the time, the Gonewild subreddit might have had a few hundred thousand subscribers at most. I swooned. My first instinct was to send a private message to the user who posted the image. I included a clue about the city I was from, and tried to seem unassuming, matter-of-fact, safe.

I imagined r gonewildtube of other people were also sending messages, vying for her attention. She wrote back within seconds! I had hoped she would like my message and be interested in me, but I soon realized she was worried about being recognized. She lived just a mile away, and worked three blocks from my house.

We both played it cool, kept conversing and discovered we shared some very specific interests. After a few days of carefully building mutual trust, we moved our connection beyond Reddit and into the real world. She was every bit as fun as her Gonewild post implied.

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Girl-Next-Door: I remember a lot of the positive comments and DMs ranging from body-positive comments, sexual insinuations and hook-up attempts that I got from my first post. I was really flattered by it all and enjoyed seeing the reactions.

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The feeling of being overwhelmingly desired would make any girl feel good about themselves. Celen: Rather than just reacting to people misbehaving on the forum, Gonewild has always been a very positive pro-sex, pro-nude, pro-user community. Gonewild has always been about as welcoming and friendly as you can get for a place where you can post a close-up of your gaping butthole.

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A combination of mod-bots and vigilant users reporting posts and comments that break our rules help enforce this. There are even people that disliked the haiku I wrote on their post. There are also numerous strange, creepy, confused comments on Gonewild posts.

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Most of them go unnoticed by other commenters and ignored by posters. So most creepy comments get ignored by posters and commenters alike. Girl-Next-Door: At some point, Gonewild sort of just became part of the routine kinky sexual play between my boyfriend and I. It was that something new and exciting. Instead of texting nude selfies to my boyfriend, I would make a surprise post on Gonewild instead and text him to check it out.

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Part of the thrill was seeing him get excited about looking at my post. That in and of itself brought an entirely new dynamic to our sexual play. The more naughty I got, the more I flirted, the more he loved it. He explains it as seeing me from another perspective. Our sex life is forever changed for the better. I definitely like the feeling of being desired whenever I post on Gonewild. We talked about it openly. Her motivations to post erotic, anonymous images were numerous and complex. She was lonely.