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Rad Science, for example, is rather story driven, but the choices you make will change your ending.

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The pledge drive is over, but you can still pledge at any time, visit www. Leila: Hey, y'all. Leila here.

We don't have a regular episode for you this month of May, but we are bringing you the live show that we did back in April for our annual spring pledge drive on Patreon. The pledge drive is over, but you can pledge anytime.

Just visit ladyscience. Leila: If you missed the opportunity to be part of the live show or you listened to this and you like it, be sure you let us know. Tweet us at ladyxscience or leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and let us know that you want us to do another one, and we'll do one in the future. Hope you enjoy.

Leila: Welcome to the Lady Science livestream. We've already done this because I thought we were live and we weren't.

Welcome to the inside of our homes, where all the Lady Science magic happens. We're really happy to be doing this, and we're really excited. I am one of the co-founders and co-editor-in-chief of Lady Science.

Anna: I'm Anna Reser. I'm the other co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of Lady Science. Leila: As promised, we will be talking about the bonkers things that men have said about women's bodies throughout history.

Historians don't like when we say this, but from the beginning of time—. Leila: Cis men have ceaselessly investigated the mystery of women's bodies instead of maybe asking women about what's going on in there or just looking at one.

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Each of us has picked a weird thing that we're going to talk about. This is part of a fundraiser, so we will certainly be asking you for your money at some point. Anna: But we're not gonna tell you when. It's just gonna happen. Leila: We're not gonna tell you when. Rebecca: Gonna be a surprise. It's like when you're listening to This American Life and suddenly your local NPR station is telling you to give you money, but it's us.

Leila: Yeah. That rad science patreon you don't know when to leave the livestream. You can ask us about us. If it's too personal, we just will not answer it. You can ask us about Lady Science more generally, whatever. You can go ahead and drop those into the YouTube chat box in the right-hand corner of YouTube.

Leila: And then after that we'll end the show with a game of Balderdash. I'm going to be running that for you guys, and you all have to decide if the factoid that I give you is balderdash or if it's true. Leila: And if you want to tweet about the show during the livestream and rub it in everyone else's faces that they're not here, you can use the hashtag ladyscipodlive.

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Leila: We're gonna get started. Rebecca is gonna tell us about some bonkers evo psych shit from something that sounds like it would have been said a long time ago but was actually said in recent memory. So go ahead, Rebecca. Rebecca: Yeah. Startin' us off with some fairly contemporary bullshit, which that's fun. So the things that we are talking about today were submitted by our readers and listeners.

And this one was submitted to us by Holly Dunsworth, who along with being a Lady Science listener is a professor of anthropology. So I say thank you, Holly, for reminding us that this kind of stupidity continues to the present day 'cause we always gotta remember people were not just stupid in the past, people are stupid now.

Rebecca: And will be in the future.

Rebecca: Rad science patreon, sothere was a study published in the journal The Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study had this title: "Evidence suggests that women's sexual behavior is influenced by hip width rather than hip-to-waist ratio. But before we get too judgy, I try to give people benefit of the doubt. It often lands me in a terrible place. Rebecca: But let's see what this study was actually about.

They're laughing because they know that I'm the one who's like, "No, we should be nice to this person," and then it turns out that we shouldn't have been nice to this person. Rebecca: So the authors of the study surveyed women between the ages of 18 and 26 about their sexual habits. And then they also measured these women's hips and their waists. They found that women who reported having more sexual partners and who took part in more, quote, "one night stands"—which, by the way, they actually use that phrase in this journal article—they were more likely to have wider hips if they had had more sexual partners and more one night stands.

They also found that the hip-to-waist ratio of the women had no relation to the of sexual partners they had had. And this supposedly refutes an earlier weird evo psych theory that women with a higher hip-to-waist ratio have more sex because they're considered more attractive. Rebecca: I have a lot of questions about that, like the fact that they were starting from there. I have so many questions.

Rad science

Basically, the idea is "Well, since the dawn of time, men have preferred women with hourglass figures," which I feel like is refutable on about levels. But anyway, so they were like, "No, no, no. We're proving it has nothing to do with having an hourglass figure. It just has to do with the hip width. Frankly, I don't care that much. I will believe them.

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I will take their word that in this group of women, most of the women with larger hips had had more sexual partners. You know what? I don't care. That's fine. Leila: You do you, wide-hipped women. Rebecca: But you know what?

I have no problem with that, and maybe that's true. But as always, it's when they start to interpret the data that things go way off the rails. So the paper starts with an analysis of what's called the obstetrical dilemma. Basically, the idea is that when humans started walking upright, because of how their pelvises changed to be able to walk upright, it made it more difficult to give birth than other mammals. Rebecca: And this has, I guess, led to the popular idea that certainly I have heard in my life and I'm sure many of you have that if a woman has wider rad science patreon, childbirth is easier.

I feel like I was hearing jokes about that way younger than I should have. It's one of those weird things where looking back you were like, "Why were people joking about this when I was seven? So the theory put forth in this paper then is that this correlation between hip width and of sexual partners is because large-hipped women are more comfortable being sexually promiscuous. And that—again, this is where we get fun evo psych bullshit—is because they subconsciously know that childbirth will be less dangerous, and therefore they are more comfortable seeking out and consenting to sex.

And this is what these guys decided. Rebecca: And actually, this paper was written by, or at least the authors listed on this paper were one man and two women, so women have also perpetuated a lot of weird crap in the sciences to this day.

But this just seems like such a classic case of first of all correlation does not equal causation. So many preexisting ideas about how women operate, how human beings operate then being placed on data in this very, very obvious, weird way. Rebecca: For the record, it's also not clear physiologically if at least the way that they measured women's hips has anything to do with the size of the birth canal.

So they were even just taking data.

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So they measured from, and I wrote down the name of it 'cause I knew I was gonna forget this, they measured between the ilac crests, which are basically the pointy bits. It's the pointy bits on your hips. Y'all know what I'm talking about.

Rebecca: And so they measured the width between those. That has no relation to the size of the birth canal, so they just made that up. Leila: What gets me about this one is that it pointed out one night stands specifically. Not how much sex you had with a single partner, but how much sex you have with many partners. That seems like such a slut-shamey type of thing to pull out for this study.