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For parents who invest in independent education, helping their children make the right choice—if there is a right choice — is a daunting task. For many, sending kids to independent school is a commitment to giving them the best start, so finding the right fit, be it a coed or single-sex classroom, is key.

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Co-ed or single-sex?

The world is co-ed. Should your school be? Selecting a high school is a major milestone.

Educators and parents have been debating the merits of co-ed and single-sex education for generations. Some researchers report there are natural differences in the way boys and girls brains develop and how they learn. Some parents think a single-sex environment removes distractions associated with the opposite sex. Studies show that students who are distracted easily will be distracted regardless of the setting and suggest that students in co-ed schools are able to develop the skills necessary to navigate all types of distractions they will experience in the adult world.

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Our programs are focused on engaging students and getting them excited about learning. Dedicated faculty use a broad range of teaching methods and techniques that appeal to each students unique interests, aptitudes and learning styles.

The school offers a diverse array of courses that spark new interests and allow students to carve a personalized instructional path grounded in a broad liberal arts curriculum. We believe high school is preparation for adult life. During these important formative years, boys and girls are able to develop healthy relationships and learn how to interact as equals in our co-ed environment. In the classrooms and through extracurricular activities, they work side-by-side and collaborate in ways that mirror what they will experience in college and the work world. Our students graduate with confidence because they are equipped with the tools necessary to face their next challenges: a set of values to guide them, academic preparation to ensure their success and the social skills to help them transition seamlessly into their adult co-ed lives.

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The Coed Advantage. Start by reviewing both sides. Do boys and girls learn differently? What happens when students are segregated by gender?

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Are students more distracted in co-ed schools? Now, explore how the educational environment at the schools you are considering will impact your child and your family.

What's the best environment for your child? How will the co-ed or single-sex nature of the school prepare your child for college and the workplace?

How do the schools you are considering embrace and reflect gender diversity and equality? Some educators suggest that when the opposite sex is not present, it can boost student confidence and academic performance. Other studies show that the healthy, balanced exposure to the opposite sex in co-ed schools improves how students perform in school, combats gender bias and stereotypes, and positively affects how students think and operate in the real-world.

Does your child enjoy spending time and learning with boys and girls? Will your child have opportunities to develop healthy, respectful, supportive friendships with children of both genders? How often will your child have the opportunity to collaborate and practice leadership with boys and girls in the classroom and in extracurricular activities?

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How do they actively combat gender bias and stereotypes and promote respect and inclusiveness? Will your child interact with positive peer and adult role models who are male and female?

Find out if there is a balance between male and female administrators, teachers and coaches. Do current students seem at ease with members of the opposite sex? Do they intermingle comfortably in social settings?