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If you're pregnant, chances are you're being asked these questions. And if you need the right comeback for them, this thread has you covered.

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Nonexistent recovery periods. Babies who nap on a dime. Immaculate houses.

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Sound familiar? Only if your knowledge of raising a newborn stems solely from the small screen. You've probably heard not to believe everything you see on television. This piece of advice may be most applicable when it comes to the small screen's portrayal of the newborn phase, which real-life parents know is often full of sleepless nights and tears from both the adults and baby. But watch an episode of, say, This Is Usand you may think that caring for a newborn is a total walk in the park, as someone recently pointed out on Reddit.

But it's not the only show that's gotten the newborn period all wrong. The house is immaculate.

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Most parents would probably agree these scenes aren't remotely relatable. But those stories are for entertainment, right? The original poster acknowledges that, but still wishes the storylines were a bit more realistic. She has a point.

Being a new parent is hard. And even though TV isn't real life, it can still add unnecessary pressure during a particularly vulnerable period. Other users were quick to sound off on other shows guilty of these inaccurate portrayals.

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They have a baby and then have family friends over within a few days, entertaining in their perfectly clean house. In another scene, Walt is holding the baby, and he literally just goes, 'Well, time for your nap," and puts her down in the playpen where she immediately falls asleep," one person noted. And let's not forget that double-life as a criminal thing. I think we can all agree Walter and Skyler White never received any parents of the year accolades. I feel that in my soul," said one Redditor.

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It's so nice to see a more accurate representation not only of life while parenting a newborn but breastfeeding. One of the characters has a baby, and immediately, I saw the s of her postpartum depression and related so much to it. They got that part down perfectly," another said.

Postpartum depression affects one in nine womenand representation on television can help raise awareness and let parents know they aren't alone. And even those who don't experience postpartum depression sometimes need the reassurance that sleepless nights, breastfeeding struggles, and the desire to take an extra-long shower are all perfectly normal parts of being a new parent. Madison and Kevin from This is Us and countless reddit mom sex characters on the small, or even big, screen may make it look easy, but that doesn't mean it is.

Ok, I get that this is maybe not the most common newborn scenario, but that doesn't make it wrong or right that it doesn't match someone else's experience. I have a newborn that sleeps great, doesn't cry much, and I'm sorry but my house is clean So far. But again, that doesn't validate or invalidate anything. These tv shows are stories, not biographies of your experience.

And I'm sorry if their portrayal hurt your feelings? How could any show accurately portray millions, billions of different people's experience.

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Jesus, lol. What else are you mad about? By Beth Ann Mayer July 07, Save Pin FB More.

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